Acquiring and transporting Debrix booster pellets

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by IndependentBoffin, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,

    I would like to buy some Debrix booster pellets as part of a research contract I have been awarded. Their use is not crucial to initiate PE4 with a detonator but using them would help improve consistency of the experimental results and hence interpretation of the data. The test facility I am using does not have these in stock and said to acquire them from the manufacturer would add a £1.5 - 2k to the project budget for just a dozen of them, primarily due to secure shipping costs.

    Does anyone know a place in the UK which has these in stock and would be able to sell and transport them to another test site in Wales?

    Are explosives testing companies allowed to sell and transfer explosives between them?

    I had thought about making it myself (apparently it is just 99% RDX and 1% wax) at the licensed explosive testing facility, and I estimate the total quantity needed to be under 20g, but I may end up introducing more variability in the results than the reverse by non-standard manufacturing processes. The RDX is fairly safe to handle being a secondary explosive and can be readily prepared in a standard laboratory setting (with the appropriate licenses).

    The alternative is pure loose PETN powder (which the test facility has in stock) but I do not know how much more consistent the initiation point will be with this approach if the powder is not consistently pressed into convenient, geometrically identical pellets of exactly the same mass and explosive:binder ratio.
  2. 1. I think this is a bit specialised for this forum... I would put a call in to Cranfield or Chemring.

    2. I don't think listing the precursors for RDX on a board such as this is necessary or wise.. can you remove this please...?
  3. 1. Alright, are you talking about Andrew over at COTEC? I do have his contact details. Do you have someone at Chemring I can contact?

    2. OK done.
  4. My bold. You are correct. avaganda at:

    The above document is available freely on the web with any number of other research papers and technical data sheets for many different types of explosive materials. Consequently I see no reason why this post should be removed. I will try to send the OP some details of suppliers by PM, as my internet connection is as intermittent as Morse code.
  5. check your PMs...
  6. Roger that Houston.
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  8. I would imagine that the constant references to paedophilia, guns, troop movements and a host of other things on other parts of this site will also be of interest to some groups. However since the matter that the OP requested assistance about has masses of information available elsewhere on the web I see no reason for paranoia for pointing him in the right direction. Anyone can do a Google search and come up with the same results that I did, Some of which I refrained from copying onto here for obvious reasons - Tommy Terrorist can do his own Google searches. And I don't see anything on the original post which refers to the preparation of RDX (cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine). In any case RDX isn't something you can make in the average kitchen. Your comments remind me a little of the Hebrews and their obsession with not mentioning Gods name in case he struck them down.
  9. I'm sure there are debrix boosters in kit rapid demolition. The kits are pretty old now, with many approaching shelf life expiry.

    Someone at the IPT for Engr Stores may be able to help, sorry but I don't have any numbers for you.

    Alternatively the wedge are dodgy as **** and will now doubt sell you a slack handful.
  10. Couldn't you get similar results simply by using a stronger detonator?

    Alternatively, how about just cutting pieces from a length of Superflex det cord?
  11. I like your second idea but my MoD paymasters torpedoed any suggestion of pure PETN powder in lieu of Debrix booster pellets. They will probably react the same way to a bit of cut det cord. If Debrix pellets is what they want, then that is what I have to find to keep them happy.
  12. I would imagine making it yourself would cause chaos due to the H&S risk assesment, particularly after the Shoebury accident. Using it and manufacturing it are 2 completely different things. However I find the price of 2K a bit cheeky.
  13. I thought the reason we closed down Bridgewater was that we could buy RDX at 10p a Kg from the Chinese...?
  14. LOL, do not even get me started on that! I had to fill out a H&S risk assessment for my manufacturing activities and am awaiting independent review from DSTL on that. All work is on hold until then and deadlines are being pushed back.

    Yup, £1.5 - 2k for about 20g of pressed RDX is very cheeky. I can buy the consumable precursor chemicals for under £100 off the shelf (the synthesis route I could use conveniently just uses commercially available 70% nitric acid rather than fuming nitric acid). Add a few more £100 capital to include proper laboratory equipment and build a bench press to get the pellets of the right size, and its all done. DIY pellets can't cost more than £500.

    I can always cook up some nitroglycerin too, in case the H&S guys get a heart attack :). I don't know if that works for choking on tea though, maybe I can email them instructions on how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre?