Acquaint type visit for RAMC

I was recently invited to attend an acquaint type visit for post 6th formers with the RAMC. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about what sort of things I have to look forward to?


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If you are going to Keogh Bks for this visit you can look forward to the logrun over the three hills, the Frimley grimley, getting caned at the Ashvale hotel, and other exciting things that happen in that medical type establishment, mind you thats what I got 25yrs ago so its all probably changed now, but I have heard the Grimley is still on the loose, enjoy.
I'm hoping to go on a visit with the RAMC, going to see the Recruitment Officer for an interview this week.

How did you end up being invited Big Show?
The ACA assigned to my school organised it. He would have organised for me to go on an acquaint visit of several days but because I didn't get any uni offers this year I don't qualify to go to that, so instead i have been put in for a day visit.

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