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Ok, some of you know this, but for those that don't...

I had to go to London today to go see a specialist about the nerve/muscle damage/deterioration in my shoulder following my bike crash. He gave me a couple of pieces of great news...

1. I should have been sent to him earlier, as there is more damage now...

2. I need an operation to have a look at the 2 damaged nerves, and will probably need one of my sensory nerves grafted in place of the damaged/dead part. Due to the delay in me being referred to him, he is also going to try and get the operation done within the next couple of weeks.

I've been told that after the operation I will have my left arm in a sling for 6 weeks, and I am not allowed to use it at all for those 6 weeks. (So anyone on the Midlands Crawl that sees me trying to use my left arm has my permission to shout at me, etc)

Has anyone here had a similar thing done? Also, does anyone here know roughly how long it will take to build my muscles back up once I've healed from the operation and can finally use them after approximately 4+ months of inactivity?

Any serious help will be greatly appreciated.

Any non-serious help will be greatly appreciated for the lonely days in the hospital :D
Can I give you some more good news ... ? :oops:

I'm no expert by a long shot and I have limited experience from a few mates who've been injured, but the muscle may never develop/respond even after the nerve graft. I won't go into the details of three mates, as they are quite extreme circumstances (they all lead normal lives, don't look much different and were not MD'd as a result, so don't don't let your imagination run riot :wink: )

Make sure you get physio after the surgery and take their advice to a good gym to build yourself back up.

Hope it all goes well, I'm sure they'll have you back on the bike in time. The GOOD NEWS is that I think shoulders are slightly less complicated than knees and ankles :D
Just to let you know, I've just been called with the date of my operation. I've got to go to hospital on Tuesday 9th May, the operation is on Wednesday 10th May and I should be released on Thursday 11th May. I'll post on here as soon as I get back from the hospital to let you know how it goes.


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