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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Sep 30, 2004.

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  1. I'm after the latest versions of these doc's

    I've found this

    but obviously these don't contain the UK ones.

    I believe these are now on CD, anyone know the order code and/or how I could get these ordered

    many thanks
  2. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator


    You need the electronic battlebox. Your RAO should be able to tell you where the unit copy is. I certainly wouldn't want to suggest that you burn off a load of unauthorised copies and spread them round because that would be naughty......

  3. I think the idea is that one copy of the battlebox is sent out to the unit to cut down on costs. Its then up to the unit to re-produce it as necessary (taking into account version control etc). As long as the copies are used as intended i dont think there is a copyright issue.

    Having recently had the joy of using the electronic battlebollox, i can confirm that it is a right riveting read :wink:

  4. scary,

    It wasn't on the elec battle box when I last looked (unless it has been updated - talking about the 2 CD version)

    The CD I'm on about comes from DCSA and their is a AMSCERP one aswell, a colleague ordered it in my last unit (when I found the ACP's were 10 years out of date)

    thanks anyway

    p.s. I think our Trg SSgt has a copy so if copyright isn't a problem I'll copy them.
  5. If by the Amcerps one, you mean ACP117, in the last 10 years its been through several editions, and is updated every week (used to be wednesdays - the joys of being a Commcen op on wednesday nights still haunt me).

    You might try your local Commcen to see if they have the latest copy electronically.

  6. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator


    You're absolutely right - I was thinking ADP not ACP - God knows why I thought anyone in their right mind would want to read an ADP....

    We had a right laugh trying to use the AMSCERP "do-it yourself fault-finding" bit on Ex HS5 between three of us who are not AMSCERP trained - translated from the Japanese by a Chinaman by the sound of it....

    Paper versions of ACPs seem to be jealously guarded by those who've managed to get them - I'd be interested to hear if you do find an electronic version.

    Boney - glad to hear we're not breaking the rules any more than anyone else is then.....

  7. I think the AMSCERPS CD was called DCSA 5. Didn't mean much to me at the time, all my dets had them lovely COSSORS.
  8. The version I have has at least 4 CDs, I think its updated 2 or 3 times a year and keeps on growing! 8O
  9. Its DCSAP 5 and DCSAP 6

    It also contains a very useful doc called
    Defence Communication Services Agency

  10. Knowledge is power!

    They are all on the RLI, try either

    RAF Boddingtons website, click on the AMSCERPs link. You'll then find all the AMSCERPS documentation plus a basic forum (covering interesting topics such as PLAD and Msg ID's)

    Also from the main defenceintranet site click on library (on rhs) and you should find another menu mentioning ACP's (I'm not sure if these contain the latest amendments).

    Also one of the dcsa web sites contains all the ACP's (with amendments) its in the cis section (but difficult to find)

    They are also available on CD CCEB1 and CCEB2 for ACP's, just need to find out how I get my Sqn onto AIG 6177 and 6178
  11. Polar your best bet is to ring Aldershot and speak to one of the AMS RQMS type people - or pm me for details and I shall try to help