Acorn, chilld prostitution hell yeah

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. This is hilarious.

    Acorn, is an earnest organization mainly known for getting lazy arsed black folks out to vote in distressing numbers. Suppressing the "colored" vote is something of a tradition and Acorn causes offense in some circles. Much was made of Barry's association with the organization during his run for President.

    A couple of obviously preppy conservative activists pose as a unusually groomed whore and an exceptionally wimpy pimp intent on importing child sex slaves from El Salvador.

    Much to their credit they have clearly exposed Acorn as host to obviously gullible and delusional fantasists who are eager facilitators of child prostitution.

    Hannah also has a bad case of hot legs. Give generously.
  2. Bit more in NYT on O’Keefe's antics A Political Gadfly Lampoons the Left via YouTube
    He will go far.
  3. Awesome!
  4. As posted on Media Matters:

    As pointed out by a friend in the US when I asked for his comments:

    public education standards have slipped badly during the last 3-4 decades
    it's a big country; attracting even a tiny percentage of 300M yields a large absolute number of [thick] warm body supporters
    religion remains incredibly strong, particularly in the heartlands and South -- and being religious [esp. Xtian] usually requires submission to authority
    this country was earliest to deploy TV in every home; and TV has been virtually all commercial (as was radio before it)
    TV does not promote critical thinking; it promotes passivity and detachment
    TV is an incredibly powerful tool to drive propaganda (commercial, political) home
    many people feel discomforted & threatened by change; and by extension, resentment and fear of those who embrace change, and/or are recent beneficiaries
    thus educated people become resented "elites"
    150 years since "Origin of Species", many people here can't admit that evolution is proven science; activist groups continually maneuver to have evolution etc. written out of school textbooks; seeking to remove any suggestion that the universe is over 6,000 years old...
    meanwhile we have scientists (eg. Craig Venter) beginning to engineer the first wholly artificial lifeforms