Can anyone shed any light as to when ACMS will be up & running on DII (F)? It started to work recently for ten mins then crashed. :crash: When i spoke with ArmyNET they said, when we took ATLAS on to change us over to DII (F), the MOD didn't specify :frustrated: that ACMS had to work on DII (F).
Does anyone know of a time frame where i can stop taking the work home and do it at work??

DII(F)? working? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Haven't had such a good laugh in weeks

DE&S got (F)'d back in November with over 7500 work stations rolled out, at least one day a week the IT is down and where possible staff are trying to get their old legacy kit back so they can actually do something akin to a days work.
Sorry, no time frame yet, but we will post one up here as soon as we know. The unfortunate thing is that it works in some locations and not in others, so it appears to be a implemenation issue. However, this is not helped by the fact that DII (F) doesn't recognise ACMS as a authorised application 8O .


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