ACMS Users

I'm a user - what's your problem?
Contact forms, I've rang the web team - not much advice forthcoming. Have you done it on your site or just not bothered due to the limitations?

Will you PM me what site/pages you're responsible for.
contact forms? you mean a webform whereby someone (eg potential recruit) can enter their info and then it gets emailed to you?

I have done it on our site using . Although, i have had to host the 'enter your details' page externally because the ACMS system kept on rewriting the html code.

Click on the www in my sig if you want to see the site.

Yes a mailto form - sorry I'm appearing like i need spoon fed.

Now it's interesting you've hosted it externally, I did consider that but thought it against the whole "only hosted on" rules - did your publisher ok it? Or are you your own publisher?

Shhhhh! Publisher doesn't really know that its hosted externally. And if he he finds out and gets a cockstand about it i'll be mighty pissed off because it is giving us about 5 potential recruits per week.

I have hidden the url by making it a, although any internet boffin could work it out.

the acms system works ok, but it really is restrictive, (no Java allowed and rewriting html to suit). And its a failing when those who can be publishers have less technical experience than those who are writing the html code for the sites. Trying to explain things like 'the html is rewritten' does not compute, and the publisher do not have the power to be able to bypass the ACMS coding problem. So the only way to do things is work round it and think laterally.

Just go for it, see if you can perhaps embed an external html page in the army page, thus keeping the publisher happy and the form working.
Well... I'm actually a publisher :D, I had thought of using the <iframe> tag but then that would be an external page blah blah blah. I saw you're tinyurl; good idea.

Sadly it seems there is no answer without bypassing the Acms; If anyone else on arrse is more of a genius than myself or HVM boy please do let us know! (With regards the ACMS obviously).
Hmm, not sure what you mean about a 'contact form' but I have used a normal MS Word document and uploaded the word file using the file upload menu. (similar to uploading pictures)

Then on my web site blurb I have entered "Click here to download a contact form"
The user does so and has the nice word doc to complete presented to him for completion and on the bottom of the word document is the email address to email it to.

Does that help?

That's a nice way to do it within the confines of the ACMS. But it does take alot of faffing around on the part of the potential recruit. The web forms are by far easier allowing them to type in their information and press the submit button for it to be automatically sent.

However, I do believe that it is possible to host a form on the ACMS since the Royal Signals webmaster seems to have been able to manage it:



I don't like that idea, far to much like hard work for a potential recruit to bother with.


Cheers for that i'll email the R Sigs webmaster - he's worked it from, definitely not a realistic aim; trying to have a form of any value from inside the ACMS.
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