ACL Reconstruction


I am posting this as the last thread on ACL (Anterior Cruicate Ligament) injuries is out of date. I have a torn ACL and have passed main board. The army will accept ACL reconstructions if all clear two years post op.

I passed main board in February so I am now looking at a start date of September 2013. It may be later than I wanted, but at least I am still going.

I just wanted to post this so that anyone else with a similar injury does not get despondent if they come across the older thread where the army had a far more restrictive policy toward ACL reconstructions.

Good luck to everyone else,



Well done JC.
Anyone who can beat the wretched Vets into submission in order to enter has our entire approbation.

Old Rat


JC, glad to hear you've been given the green light. I had surgery on both lower legs in February for chronic compartment syndrome and the Army Medical Office at Westbury said it shouldn't be a problem. Another service of a Commando nature would reject both of us...

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