acl reconstruction

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by critchie, Oct 14, 2010.

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  1. hi, just wondering has anyone else had any luck in progressing in the army with acl reconstruction?
  2. Yes, I was the first to get through about 4 years ago with access to any part of the Army - there have been a few dozen since and as long as it is fully functional there is nothing that should hold you back. The Army make you have an assessment to check its state before and after Sandhurst but otherwise it is a reasonably simple process.
  3. Hey, I did my ACL last July and the army sent me a letter saying i can apply January 2013, providing i pass a specialists examination that they'll send me to see, i am just wondering though, provided I pass the specialist, can i apply for the Para's? with it being a knee injury and all.
    and if not can I still at least apply for another job in the infantry? thanks
  4. I had my acl reconstruction in 2007 and not had any problems since. Its gets tender in winter and sometimes holds fluid but nothing that i think shud hold me back. Im just waiting for my pro forma from my docs to say im fit enough to carry on with the application. its all been so quick, but seems to have slowed right down now. Anyone got thru with acl reconstruction?

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  5. I am at Sandhurst now. If docs sign you off you'll be fine
  6. Really mate. Thats made me feel loads better. Iv read loads of mixed reviews online. Wen did u have ur acl recon?

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  7. Just over 2 years ago now. Hope it goes well for you. Remember it will also depend on damage to cartilage etc.
  8. Got the all clear from docs last week & had the call from nrc to carry on. Its looking good.

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