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Hello All,
I was wondering who here knew Terry Ackrell and what stories you can tell me of him?
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Can I be the first? He owes me ten quid.


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There's a private 3RTR forum.

As a friend of 3RTR, I have access. I've pointed them at this thread.
Thanks for the replies, im actually his grandson, cant remember the years he served off the top of my head, i have the dates back home ill let you know later when im back


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Try the Regimental Association?


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There's a couple of pictures of Terry in the 3RTR Green Flash, C Squadron gallery.

I was with 3RTR from 1972, in Fallingbostel and three tours in Ireland, until 1977 when we all moved to Tidworth.

This was about the same time as your grandad but as he was in a different sqn I didn't know him well.

Think this his him standing at the back.
img136 (2).jpg

The above picture would have been taken late 1974 during our tour in Armagh city and surrounding area.
We did our Northern Ireland training in a tented camp in Sennelager and had our own evening entertainment.
img305 (5).jpg
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I was in 3RTR 1973-1979 and was in the same troop as Terry for a couple of those years. He was my troop corporal in 11 troop and I think I may even have been his loader/operator for some time. He was a gunnery instructor and from memory a general good all round Tankie! There are lots of photos of C Squadron on the Green Flash 3RTR site. He is in a good few of them.


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There is an active 3RTR members Facebook page if you can find it.

They may have some war stories about your grandad.
I'm one of those paranoid old gits that just won't install Facebook.

I think this is the only other picture I have got. Again late 1974 at our palatial home, the Worcester Valve Factory, on the outskirts of Armagh city.
Miss 3RTR came to visit.

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