Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Slightly_Nasty, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Just clearing out the house ready for another move, and have come across two brand new ACIU plaques still in their boxes which have been gathering dust for 10 years; I was meant to forward them to some Belgian colleagues who served at ACIU, but they already had one.
    To finally get to the point, if there are any ex members of ACIU (one of the 2 units that amalgamated to form AMIB) out there who want a plaque, please PM me.
    It will cost you a contribution to either ICA or another worthy cause of your own choosing, which I will accept on trust, and possibly my postage costs.
  2. You call yourself a scouser!!! Your giving something away!! Whats wrong with pikeys these days!! No integrity!!
  3. Fag Brew,
    Got your PM but seem to be having a few problemas technico replying to it.
    Let me have your address details and I'll stick one in the post.
    May be a couple of days as I'm moving house at the moment.
  4. Stick it on E-BAY Slightly.............Thats what everyone else seems to be doing !!!!! :?
  5. Another move??? You have moved more times than Sinn Fein HQ!! PM Me your new contacts mate!

    Mrs Geek sends regards.....
  6. He's a scouser, they call 'em moves, everyone else call them moonlight flits..........................................