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  1. Does anyone know the opening times for the ACIO's, trying to get all the info together for a mate but the opening times aren't listed anywhere. Just want to save a wasted journey into London.

  2. which one are you going to? For a mate? Is he/she too lazy to do his/her own research? Or is he/she a bit speshul?
  3. Looking at Charing Cross as it's closest from work.
    Not too lazy, just stuck in the dark ages- who doesn't have internet these days? :)
  4. Tell your 'friend' to Google 'AFCO opening times' and learn how to research. Armed Forces Careers Office tends to be a common name for them.
  5. Knock yourself out.

    Get in touch:

    ACIO Strand
    453 - 454 Strand
    WC2R 0RG

    Tel: 020 7930 8603
  6. London 9 Lee Road, Blackheath SE3 9RQ 0208 8521464
    London 453-454 Strand WC2R 0RG 0207 9308603
    London AFCO London, St Georges Court,
    2-12 Bloomsbury Way WC1A 2SH 0207 3054040
  7. Got all that good info, was hoping to find opening times online but will chuck the number his way :) thanks.
  8. Have you considered calling them, and asking them the opening times?? Or aren't you very bright?
  9. Some one's tired!
    Yes, calling them is the second option, was just hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone and find out the relevant info online.
  10. You hand it to them on a plate and they still gurn.
  11. I've called the office at the strand. opening hours are:

    0830 - 1700 Mon - Fri

    Except Thursday, when it's open later - 0830 - 1930

    Not tired....just wondered why someone who had a phone number has wasted 10 mins of my life??
  12. Legend, thank you :)
  13. Lazy. You're welcome ;)
  14. Bless..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.