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  1. my ACIO have changed my preferences and have put me in for all sorts of jobs over the past 6 months.

    Why do they keep changing it???
  2. Call and ask. Unless this is a troll, which I suspect it is because I've never heard of this happening with out at least discussing it with you first.
  3. This is serious, every time i have been into ACIO they have told me that the regiment arent recruiting any more.
    I went in last week and they told me that Royal Dragoon Guards have 56 jobs available and i was in 12th. I went in yesterday and there all gone. please explain this .. is it a joke or are they being serious??
  4. I'm out of my depth with this one, I suggest waiting for either Sapper or Iron to comment on this. They are recruiters and post pretty regularly.
  5. how do i get in contact with them? im new to ARSSE..

    If you did the sensible thing and actually speak with your Recruiter face to face they could explain this very easily on the system....a lot depends on what job you were originally going for, how you did on your IDST score and what position you sit on the awaiting allocations list to what places are on the RAP (ie bums on bedspaces).

    What ever score you got for your first job choice once completed at ADSC your Recruiter will chat and comfirm you want that choice (INTERVIEW 4) you then are clicked over and positioned on the awaiting allocations list for that job. You then sit on there but anyone else who gets a higher score will be placed above you. Anyone with over 124 points is an A grade and anywhere 6 months before they may be then allocated to start dates...so for instance say there are 10 RE Carpenter slots and 10 REME VM slots in January the top ten A grade slots would be allovated......if there are only 5 with A grades more than likely they would be allocated but no B grades would be allocated for another few weeks/months till they see if anymore B grades go above them as B grades normally get allocated 3-5 months out....a lot will depend on what the lady at RG allocations is told to load and when to load after her weekly RAP meetings.......by the sounds of things if your looking at RAC then your a C grade who every time you get near the top of the list more higher A and B grades push you further down the list....the only way of seeing this is by going in and getting your own Recruiter to explain this face to face and also showing you the RAP and awaiting allocations lists......unfortunately a lot of low IDST scores will be like yo yos for two years and never get allocated then have to re do ADSC again
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  7. i kn ow that but they have told me that RDG had 56 jobs available and i was in 12th.. intake isnt till November... how can the remaining 38 jobs be taken within a week? is this possible? and thanks for explaining what happens :)
  8. When they say there are 56 places thats across all the RAC jobs, so maybe your 12th on RDG awaiting allocations list but you have then got to take into account the other RAC Regiments. Also there will be a substantial amount of A and B grades who pass ADSC for RAC and will be allocated nearly straight away...unfortunately Majority of C grades will not get loaded and some have been on the list for well over a year already.....A high C grade may get lucky especially on Op Rocket last minute places.
  9. aaah i understand now ! well i got scored 110 which is shgocking but do you think i could get in?