I passed selection on the 13th of March 2007. I phoned my careers office up the following day and told them I had passed and I would like to accept the job. There are only 9 places left for The Parachute Regiment at AFC Harrogate in September. They told me they needed something off the selection people or something. I phoned them on Friday and they said they still have not recieved it. Missing my place would mean my next intake will be next January! Any advice on what I can do as the places are going fast and I don't want to be let down because of ACIO?


Congrats on passing selection mate. I guess all you can do is wait and hope but every week phone them and ask if they have heard anything.

Go in, in person, and explain your point of view as you have here.

Seriously. I am not trying to get you in trouble.

Explain you are worried about missing your slot, and that you passed your selection. The Recruiters should be able to chase up the paperwork, or at least confirm by phone your position with the selectors, whilst you are there. I can't garuntee it, but a you could get loaded just on the phone call, with paperwork to follow.

ACIOs are busy, and you may slide under a pile of paperwork, if you just do it by phone. Obviously don't be koch about it, just go in and say what you have said in your post.

Don't, FFS, just wait. The letter may have been lost in the post, sent to another ACIO or anything. It is YOUR career, and you are responsible for it (Officers, WOs, NCOs and others help you with it, but it's yours).

On the other hand, would it be that bad to start in January? Gives you time to train hard, ready for a running start on the Jan intake.


I phoned again just and was told they do not allocate the slots until all of the applications are in. So really no ones garenteed a place. So we'll just have to wait and see I supose.. Thanks for the replies.
your learning a valueable lesson when it comes to paperwork here mate , ive been in limbo for 6 months cos of a paperwork fuk up at selly oak , phone 2-3times a week , be as polite as possible, make sure you speak to the same person everytime. i ended up sorting my own paperwork out in 2 days , wot takes the army 6months took me 2 days . nuff said.


They come up with some sh*t about them only allocating places when the course places are full. What a load of b*llocks..


Tom I've PM'd you

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