ACIO Recruiter

Not done a stint myself, but a mate has.

You hae to apply via PD 19 (iirc) might be a different number.

Two years, in an office, office hours for the most part.

You do get the chance to visit various places and represent the army.

PM The Iron, IIRC he still is a recruiter, but not for the Royal Corps.
Most Corps have two types of recruiter. One that is office based (E1 Recruiter), dealing with applications, and one that will travel to various schools and colleges within a certain area (Corps Special Recruiter) whose job it is the spread the word about the Army. Ask your Corps Recruiting Team about the various different posts they have on offer. Both will be for two years.

I did a stint as a RE Special Recruiter, based out of the AFCO in Portsmouth. It was my job to visit every secondary school and college within Hampshire and spread the word about the Army and what it has to offer young school leavers. It was mainly giving presentations to school assemblies, open evenings and the like. But it got me out the office and travelling about being my own boss. Every month we would help our Corps recruiting team run the Army Insight courses at Gib Bks. I'm pretty sure the Signals have a similiar set up.
The Corps Policy Document you are looking for is PD no 18 "Selection of Individuals for Employment in Recruiting Organisations" link only available via DII:

There are various recruiting posts available both at the AFCIO (Carrers office based) SNCO 30 month assignment or ART (Army Recruiting teams) 24 month SNCO and 18 Month JNCO, the Corps is seeking personnel for posts available now out until Sep 12.

All the posts available (notwithstanding assignment dates/vacancies etc) are listed on Annex A to PD 18. If after reading you are interested, complete Annex B to PD 18 and speak with the RCMO. You will normally have an interview at Blandford to assess your suitability for such a post so prepare accordingly. One main caveat is that you will need to be able to obtain CRB clearance if selected. If you feel there is something that will prevent you from getting this, it will be a non starter. Speak with your RCMO first and if he/she is not around PM me and I will guide you further.

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