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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Devine19, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Recruitment office in Dover is closing down on the 26th anyone else on here been going their ? If so have you been transferred to another office ? I cannot get through to Dover office or Canterbury office is pissing me off feel like I have been forgotten about, sorry if I have posted this in the wrong bit
  2. Yeah the one here in Birikenhead closed too but its moved to one of the local TA sites and the one in L'pool is still open so alls good.

    Wouldnt be surprised if Dover and Cant ACIO's are flooded with similar queries so be patient padawan
  3. yhhh good point it's just been on my mind cos I sent my med forms to Dover about 4-5 weeks ago just hope they haven't been lost or summin
  4. You could always try Redruth.
  5. I'm sure they wont just do a Dunkirk and abandon the office leaving paperwork strewn all down the street. Just be patient and contact your recruiter maybe via his/her email. They will be expecting the panic
  6. And what is Redruth ?
  7. Inbreeding capital of Cornwall
  8. Haha I hope not I always tend to think of the worst until I atchually get the call, it's annoying that they gotta close would make things much easier if they stayed open will keep trying canter
  9. Might be worth posting any further info you get in regards to this for others left scratching their heads or flapping about their application. Interestingly Ashford ACIO shut not so long ago and from what I remember alot of people's applications got filed/NFA, so they had to reapply again via Dover..I hope for your sake that doesn't happen, but it only leaves Canterbury covering the South East area of Dover, Folkestone, Ashford, Canterbuty and so forth. Unless of course Dover gets relocated????
  10. Your recruiter should of informed you of the closure and your new office....With effect from 05 Oct 2012 ACIO Dover will be closed permanently. ALL correspondence and enquiries should now be directed to ACIO Canterbury (01227 46 4649).Give them a call and they should be able to help.
  11. if I no of any more info I will post on here, you would think that the south east being quite large they would have more than just the Canterbury office I can imagine it going to be very busy their now, hopefully they sorted everything out properly between the two offices so things like having to reapply wont happen.
  12. The IRON pretty much just gave you the benefit of his recruiter wisdom. Canterbury is your port of call
  13. thanks I will be on canterburys case now, I tried ringing today but couldn't get thru to them must be really busy, but hey ho gotta answer the phone at some point.
  14. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but they're not actually closing Dover ACIO at all. This is all part of your pre-recruitment training, and is designed to prepare you for the admin clusterfucks you will suffer (and perpetrate) once you're in.
  15. You will be tested on your ability to track down your recruiter and extract from him or her the details you need to know at each stage. Interrogation is permitted but waterboarding will result in your application being closed
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