Acid attacks, time for more severe punishments?.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Le_addeur_noir, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    There has been an alaming rise in this type of crime in Britain recently. This need to be stopped and now is too late.

    IMHO, these attacks should be classed as terrorist offences with life terms and minimum terms of over 25 years being the starting point for sentencing.

    This in London illistrates the issue,

    London acid attacks: Two teenagers arrested - BBC News


    Those agreeing that more robust punishmants need to be handed down by the courts for this type of crime may like to sign this,

    Petition: Petition: Impose a mandatory life sentence for acid attacks
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  2. Vile thing to do. Give them loooong sentences in which they can consider the error of their ways.

    Their victims are often scared for life.
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  3. Third to last word!
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  4. Scared AND scarred.
    25 years sounds about right to me - this stuff is premeditated.
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  5. I'm on SWMBO No3, I'm scared for life, and scarred for life.
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  6. Terrorism, assault, robbery?

    In last night's incidents the acid was reported as being a weapon used to incapacitate a robbery victim. The assailant's objective was to steal the victims motorbike. The acid in the face blinds the victim and distracts them while the assailant makes off with the bike.

    Claiming it is terrorism is jumping on the media inspired hysteria bandwagon.

    As for punishment, there are already laws in place which classify acid carried or used for this purpose as an offence weapon. This, especially when the extent of the injuries are taken I to consideration, can and has in the past seen the assailant given a reasonable custodial sentence.

    There are already laws and sentencing guidelines in place to cover this. Why create more to further complicate a messy judicial system?
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  7. I heard a local resident being interviewed earlier.He was saying a lot of moped riding food delivery blokes had been assaulted recently.
    So is this some sort of turf war between take away companies or are these blokes actually delivering recreational chemicals and someone was trying to disrupt their business?
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  8. There's no excuse for throwing acid in someone's face. You wouldn't get away with that on a battlefield. It should be life in prison.

    Not sure how realistic it is to license sulphuric acid, though. Car batteries are full of the stuff.
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  9. Scum like that deserve much more than a prison sentence, I'd wager that the culprits are ethnics. Give them a dose of what they would have got in their country of origin or wherever it is they descended from.
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  10. Apparently there is a petition going the rounds which, as one of it's aims, is to control the sale/possession of some acids. ( types unspecified, pH not specified).

    Acids to be restricted by strength, fine, now I wonder where the pyrex pan is so I can simmer off lots of water - naturally to be done outside.

    Fine, fine, then some-one will realise that strong alkaline solutions can equally well be used for nefarious purposes.

    Ah well, another success from the groupthink team that brought you, to name just three of my favourites: Dangerous Dogs Act, Pistol Ban, Self loaders Ban. (Yeah, I know it's not an outright ban but it still annoys me.)

    There already is perfectly adequate legislation already on the statute books, just need to use it and hand down some exemplary sentences.
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  11. gotta be a knife/slice off your features/death by 1000 cuts punishment to this shite...... although i've heard that it's quite common in the land of shitting in the streets....

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  12. GBH can already receive a life sentence
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  13. The gangs of London often use mopeds to snatch handbags, phones and to deliver drugs. As the police seize mopeds suspected of being involved, the gangs go out and steal more. There was a video on YouTube the other day - CCTV of a motorcyclist sat at red lights and is threatened by two young black men with knives before they make off with his bike.
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  14. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Indeed, from memory I seem to recall that there are 2 types of GBH. One is normal GBH and one isn't.
    The one that isn't is GBH with intent and can carry a life sentence.
    I think the difference is between Section 16 GBH and Section 18 GBH, maybe one of our ARRSE plod can verify.

    For offences of this type I would suggest that the baseline charge should be the heavy duty GBH with intent and hopefully the bastards will get a juicy recommendation on the life sentence.

    But this is the UK and because it looks like the perpetrators are under 18 they will be mollycoddled with pathetic sentences that do not in any way fit the crime.
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  15. Possibly. I'd call the A-Team.
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