Acid attack in Tanzania

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mcflurry, Aug 8, 2013.

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  1. Zanzibar: two British charity volunteers injured in acid attack | World news |

    Two British teenage women targeted in Zanzibar acid attack are named - Crime - UK - The Independent

    Pretty terrible to hear.
  2. Two white chicks out at night in some shithole African town? I'm surprised they weren't raped.
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  3. This is why I tell people who go to these shitholes to do charity not to bother, they will just throw it in your face (sadly litterally in this case) and either kidnap/kill or harm you.
  4. I think this is something personal, like a rejected local suitor.

    Just my best guess
  5. My Mrs wants to go there next year. More ammunition to convince her we should to go to Cambodia and Laos
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  6. It's a holiday in Cambodia...
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  7. When we work in places like that we never let our female crewmembers go off on their own, even in some airports they get hassled by the locals
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  8. EFA.
  9. Grim, but unsurprising.
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  10. I'll just come out and say it , the pair of them looked stuck up little bitches.

    On that tenuous basis I will state that they knocked back some lad over there in a none too friendly way and got way out of their depth rapid style.

    Any other theories ?

  11. What i said but i did it with more panache and sensitivity!!
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  12. Was a Tanzanian student in the flat next door to mine at Uni and some of the stuff he used to tell from back home was bloody grim. Don't see why the feck these do gooders bother going to far off places when nobody will ever be grateful.

    All the same however I hope they make a recover with as little scarring as possible. Poor sods.Pretty little things too.
  13. I can't pronounce those words but I know they are posh words for gay
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  14. Err you are a cock
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  15. He's also forgot the thread is not in the NAAFI, so his internet hard-man act is misplaced.
    What is it with some on this site? FFS, it was 2 young lasses getting off their arses and doing some voluntary work, rather than hanging around street corners in the UK drinking white lightning, which would also have got them a slating on ARRSE!
    Good Luck to them and their families and I hope they fully recover from their injuries.
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