Achtung Spitfeuer!

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by stickybomb, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. A few years ago Chris Tarrant screened an advert which I think was done for Rolls Royce but never released.

    It showed a Spit doing a lazy victory roll over the fields of Kent and had the strapline "Rolls Royce...the reason you don't have to say 'Kraft Durch Technik'"

    Anyone know if it's available on the web anywhere?
  2. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Sound similar to the Spitfire Beer advert, "Spitfire, just like the Luftewaffa, downed all over Kent"
  3. Pity those "Spitfire beer" ads were suppressed as non-PC; all my (non-German) foreign friends thought they were classic "don't mention ze war" British humour...
  4. B*gger! :lol:


    I just tried a Google search, using all the key words in your original post, and all I got was... you! :oops:

    (OA disengages brain and starts again)

    I should have known! Cnut! :roll:
  5. I found a pub in the City that has the entire collection of those Spitfire ads on display. Everytime I need to go for a slash, I can't help but read them and nearly end up swamping myself I'm laughing so ha :D rd!
  6. Outstanding digital wipeout!

    Now get back on yer surfboard and find me that advert! :D
  7. BRILLIANT !!!!!!!
  8. [video width=250 height=250][/video]
  9. Outstanding!!!

    Does anyone else remember the Carling ad that had the British tourist bouncing his towel across the surface of the swimming pool to save a sun lounger- all to the tune of The Dambusters?

    try this link for tracking down that elusive tv ad. also fantastic for funny browsing - look up the one titled "language lessons"or similar, with the family in the car listening to rap music... plus of course the kylie on the bucking bronco ad!
  11. They even sampled a Merlin on that Ad .......... superb.

    Anyone remember the Callard and Bowser Biggles ads?