achting Spitfire!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. saw whatchdog on monday had a piece about the tossers who produce those weekly part magazines and there latest offering 1/10 radio controlled spitfire.
    they had problems with it of course
    1 it probably won't work after you've spent upteen amounts of cash on it .
    2 if it does fly its a scale model of a spit so will handle like one i.e. not the ideal thing for your first entry in radio contorled a/c
    3 the anorak clad types who are into raid controled A/C are fairly law abiding as long as you don't get cornered by one you should be safe. but a 1/10 scale spit is a bloody large potential missile to put in the hands of a twit .
    hate to be a nanny about this but you would'nt let somebody sell a build a crossbow in weekly parts
  2. There is something like that advertised on TV right now. Small print says, available in 4369 parts, normal price £99.99. Even I can work out it may just be to buy a real one. If you want it, go buy it.
  3. The entire cost to buy every magazine and build it worked out to be between £400-600. (can't remeber correct figure) The chances are that the series wouldn't see enough so would be binned half way through. Soddit, go to a proper R/C shop and buy it in one big kit.

    Also "Relive the battle of Waterloo" there must be some really sad/gullible people out there.
  4. This thing has been going on in the former Soviet Union for years.

    "Give us weekly installments of $5,000,000 and in only 3 years you'll have all the bit to build an ICBM." Very popular in the Arab region by all accounts.
  5. Its like those bloody panini sticker books you used to get as kids never ever did finish one, always used to get the same stickers over and over. :evil:
  6. I completed my Garfield Panini Sticker book. But, only because the greedy bastards said you could order your missing stickers for like ten pence each. :D
  7. Thats the whole point of 'swapsies'.

    The kids with the cards ran them like a small mafia operation when I was at school.

    Never finished a football album but did manage the 'Back to the future' album. Oh, the shame.... :oops: :oops:
  8. RTFQ


    I completed my He-Man panini book, but then a playground wise-man told me about the homoerotic subtext to the whole series, so I buried it in the garden along with my copies of "Firemen Weekly" and "Big Gay Sauna Club" (an off shoot of Shoot Magazine). Does collecting 250 gay stickers make me a pole muncher? I've been confused ever since.
  9. Yes, almost definitely..... :D
  10. And why oh why are the blokes in adverts for these things, be it waste your life on model soldiers or build your own paperwieght in 200 easy steps, why are they all dashingly good looking and middle aged with strong jawlines?
    And who over the age of 10 collects dinky toy cars? Actually nowadays kids don't know what a dinky toy is.
  11. Well, my parents bought a shed load of dinky toys and put them away in the attic knowing what would happen to their value. Unfortunately we kids were allowed to play with them (toys are not to be taken out of their boxes and played with you know) so their value when sold was only a fraction of what they could have been. Same goes for the hornby railway stuff.

    Collectibles are collected by many only for the fact that if you get it right they become very sound investments.

    you can point and laugh all you like but the fact of the matter is antique and collectable toys involves some serious cash these days.

    and no i don't collect any...i'm into militaria.
  12. I dont think buying them from a magazine is a sound investment.
  13. Dunno... If you keep the mags and the bits together unassembled and wait about a decade or so I reckon you'll more than recoup your money.

    Assuming of course that they actually all get published.
  14. My father-in-law was president of Matchbox Toys in Canada.. we've got a closet full of those plastic suitcases with 4-tray inserts.. each case holds 60 vehicles.. plus, we've got a few large scale Tuppertubs filled with the overflow...when my kids were small, Gramps used them as ' testers' for new product lines..

    As for Spitfires model planes.. always wanted a model - saw a quarter-scale version at a RC airshow..

    first thought was to have it do a strafing run on the highway at rush hour and see the cars scatter for the ditch as the little machine guns opened up...
  15. Here I was thinking I was the only one..... :lol: