Aching Neck after running

I'm after some advice. I run at least 5 miles 5 times a week. Toward the end of the run I get an ache at the base of my neck that will last for a couple of hours.

This only started happening after I started using a seated rowing machine.

I think it might be a trapped nerve and appreciate that I may need to see the back doctor to get it treated.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem or similar?
I don't use the Seated rowing machine anymore but giving up running seriously isn't an option but thanks for your's nice to know that in this rapidly rotting society that some people still care.. :)
Pillager said:
Are you wearing a large hat whilst you exercise?
Not all the time....could it be my overly large ears?
if it only hurts after running it could be you tensing up, if it hurts on the rowing machine get one of the gym blokes/ettes to check your back is straight (not mickey mousing here but you got to take care of your back)
Thanks UFF.....The funny thing is I used to use the machine without any bother but then an instructor at the club showed me how to do it 'properly'.

I agree that the back is important and apart from this one thing I don't have any other problems. After an hour or so it's fine. I'll take notice on the next run to see if I'm tensing up...
I agrre probably tensing up if it is from the running try quality rather than distance but get a gym queen to watch your form when running and on the rower.
It may be an idea to stop all phys until you get to the problem a couple of days or weeks off is better than crippling yourself for life(one who knows)
Good luck

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