aching like a bitch

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fluffer, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. so i got my BARB results today, and so i decided now is the time to start my fitness regime, so i started my sit ups and push ups etc, stupidly without streching properly, and went for a jog, same situation, forgetting that i hadn't actully done any fitness in the last year apart from legging it from the cops..

    And i got a beast of a stitch and i feel like a run-over nan, any tips on how to quickly over come the aching and get myself back into training.

    I shall be waiting for the reply that says 'let your body recover fully, then strech properly before you thick ****'.

  2. Well done, you're brilliant.

    Protein after exercise (white meat like chicken is good, or a protein shake), will stop the aching. But yeh, you've answered your own question: Make sure you stretch, and after you get back into fitness you'll be fine.
  3. so your saying you havent done any training apart from running from police, and you get a stitch when you go for a run? 'minor back pain' as well? good luck with the paras mate!
  4. Im not after the paras bigman, plus ive got about 2 months until selection so..
  5. Gosh, you're a chopsie little bugger aren't you?

    Good luck with the Army, your training staff are going to love you.