Achieving commision



I'm pretty sure that this subject has been tackled elsewhere, however I shall, for safety sake put this up as well:

I'm going into Winchester in slightly more than a week for Phase 1, quiet happy about that. However I am technically qualified to make Officer, the issue just arose that since I finished my college education in a different country, I was unable to apply for officer and would have to gain commision from an enlisted rank. I'm happy with that as, as I hope it will make me a better officer should I get the chance.

My query is merely, how does one go about getting their commision? Is it done on an application standard, or do you get recommended for it by your SO?
You can either apply direct, or wait until you get to WO and do a Late Entry Commission. Someone'll be along soon to explain it properly
When you get to your first Unit after training, show the CoC that you have the ability (and the drive) to go for Commission. I have known a (small) number of lads being spotted and mentored by the CoC before getting their Commission.

One of my lads did it, and has done very well for himself as an Officer. He is a South African so the education outside of UK should not be a bar.

Good Luck.
There's plenty of soldiers educationally qualified for Sandhurst. The decision to apply is yours alone. The CoC can help, but it's up to you to push it through. It's your career.
My advice (which is what I gave to many people in your situation over the years). Get basic out of the way and your trade training too. Keep your long term goals to yourself in the first instance, but when you get to your unit and your Troop Commander interviews you and asks what your career goals are don't be afraid to tell him. He can watch you and determine if you have potential. If that is the case then there are preparation courses for AOSB and developing the skills you will need at RMAS and beyond. There is nothing wrong in being ambitious. As a young LCPL I told my OC that ultimately I wanted his job, he laughed and said 'you know I think you might just get it one day'. He was right, it took 20 odd years but I did it. Good luck.