Achievement or Not?

Perhaps I don't have a reason to whine here, but I will go on as such:

After completing and passing ADSC I was of course extremely happy, and felt a sense of achievement. Afterall I had trained hard, dressed smartly throughout, and given my all to achieve this. However, whilst there I witnessed many people pass who; 1. Turned up hours late to the selection centre. 2. Didn't wear a suit (wore a tracksuit) 3. Didn't follow correct orders during most of the tests.

This seemed to of lowered my sense of achievement somewhat, as those who were evidently not bothered, both in the activities and in dresswear, were greeted with a job offer.

I will however, not take this as a performance to follow, and will always give my all, and encourage others going to ADSC in the near future to do so too.
I must admit, that did stand out to me, also.

You have to think though, in 14 weeks, these guys are going to be changed in a huge way.

They may, in fact, become some of the best soldiers to serve this country - who knows.
DarkD I think you may have a headstart! I confess I'm not familiar with the regulars, but there's a "low bar" to TA selection too (we can argue about whether recruits are lower too!). As ITM says it's what they learn and how they shape up over the rest of the course that'll persuade you (or not!)
How negligent of physical preperation is it possible to be to pass selection? Do they let guys in who haven't trained?
If it's anything like the TA (ha!) it depends on your absolute merit - if you're a fat fkr or older than an invincible youth you'll need some training. Otherwise I expect they can train it into you.
At the end of the day it's all about yourself, you don't need to let those shabby cnuts from ADSC ruin your experience. Personally, passing selection was a pretty big thing for me, very proud like.
Passing selection, apparently they look at your mental attitude more than physical attibutes.
but then again im still a civvy untill september hahahaa
Totally opposite from me, when I was at Glencorse they only passed around 10-12 of us from around 45 most people failed on really simple things ranging from dropping the jerry cans short, to not speaking enough in the Cmd tasks, one guy was even failed for staying awake most of the night arrsing around.
ASDC is only the start of the paper trail and weeding out or "advising" people -
a - passing it is good because it means that we think you have potential right now, those that dont may have potential in future
b - When it comes to weraing a suit or not there is scope ( and we have to do it ) to allow lower forms of dress depending on the recurits own circumstance - one of my old ones only had a small bag of clothes, 1 pr of trainers till he arrived at Ph1.
c - the standards required at entry level are different for TA and Regs
I wouldn't worry too much about how others faired/dressed. Just be mindful of the fact that YOU gave of your best, and you should continue to do so throughout the rest of your service career, you won't go far wrong like that. Comgratulations and good luck!
DarkD said:
1. Turned up hours late to the selection centre.
People can be late for all manner of reasons including train being late, car breaking down, getting lost or personal problems ... you don't know the circumstances of the late arrivals.

DarkD said:
2. Didn't wear a suit (wore a tracksuit)
Again you don't know the personal circumstances. Many moons ago I spent 3 years of my life as a Sgt at a training establishment [Phase 1 "basic" training] and we had guys turn up with the clothes they wore and a few other bits in a carrier bag ... that's all they owned. And it didn't make them bad recruits either.

DarkD said:
3. Didn't follow correct orders during most of the tests.
That's your opinion but obviously wasn't the opinion of the person assessing the tests. The army isn't looking for the finished article at selection ... they are looking for potential that can be developed through training.

That said, well done for having a high personal standard and good luck.
When I passed selection there were a few nobheads that also passed but they weren't that bad. And as for it being an achievement of course it is but I didn't dwell on it too much - completing Phase 1 will be the real achievement.


SoftPawn said:
DarkD I think you may have a headstart! I confess I'm not familiar with the regulars,
So perhaps contributing to the REGULAR RECRUITING forum is not such a good idea. :evil:
Oops fair enough I just picked up the topic from the "last 50 posts" and didn't check the forum. I'll get my coat.
Be proud of what you have acheived mate, you've earned it after all, I know I certainly was.

Keep a positive attitute and continue to try hard, It will be noticed.

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