aches and pains in feet

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by speedybham, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. within the last 2 months i've started runnin and trying to get myself together for my selection, i've done it all before but thought i would prepare myself.

    I am pysically fit and visit the gym six days a week and run between 3 - 5km.

    the last week ive been gettin problems with my feet, pains in my heels, both sides, suspect my trainers are the problem, (lack of support ??), i've got some new trainers within the last two days, when i wake up its at its worst, even walkin down the stairs.

    are these aches and pains normall as i've only been at the gym for the last two months, anyone got an ideas of how i could improve things?

    (not so) speedy
  2. You land with heel first when you run?
  3. out of the gym i wouldn't of though so, although i have been running on a running machine on an incline at the gym, i could of been landing on my heels on there...
  4. I'm no expert, i just find it somewhat odd that your heels are taking the punishment.

    It's been said a few times here anyway, if you goto a real running store they will accurately analyse your running gait. You could always bring up your issues at the same time with someone whos probably seen it all.

    As for technique, under "Exercises" on (sorry to spout it agian people) they have a fair few videos on correct running form. Correct being sometimes harder than your natural run......but correct equalling no damage :D.
  5. May be plantar fasciitis, especially if the pain is worse first thing in the morning.
  6. i've just got back from my local running shop, they had a treadmill with a camera connected to a laptop to review footage of me and my silver shaddows!

    suspect i need a good pair of trainers will support, i usually go to the gym on the evening about 8pm, i didn't know if that was why pain was worse in the morining, lets hope its not plantar fasciitis

    thanks for your replys
  7. Sounds like PF.....
  8. What hurts? Is it the skin, the flesh under the skin or the bone?

    My bold - Unlikely your heel striking if you're running on an incline...

    Yup, good advice. In the long term it is a more efficient way of running and requires less energy, gives better speed and less injury.. very unnatural to start with though and does require good levels of flexiblity.
  9. i've found a pic, just under this guys thumb is where it hurts, was my night off gym last night and this mornin it felt alot better, might just miss out the treadmill until it's sorted there's plenty more to do other than that


    dont wana risk any injury, been lookin at crossfit and will try and take it all in. Just dont wana end up getin injured and missin out on next year wanted to do the 10 Mile 'P' Company Cross Country Route in sept next year within 1hr 50min with proceeds go to 'The Airborne Forces Charity' & 'Help for Heroes Campaign'.
  10. you probably pronate your feet when you running, causing strain on your deltoid ligament. Properly fitted trainers will probably help. Plantar fascitis is usually pinpoint pain under the heel and along the arch
  11. hope ur right, ive got a pair of nike triax trainers on way, they seemed to have nice support, the hitec shaddows will be destroyed...
  12. mmmm i'd have gone with posterior tibial ligament personally..

    May have been caused by the treadmill, from running on the balls of your feet more, or it may be something else entirely.

    Either way, the treatment for most of these types of conditions is the same, ensure your ankles are flexible and strong (see link

    Also ensure your hip flexibility is good and that your running style is also good. Someone mentioned this site ( in another thread and looking at it, it has some great resources on it so i'm going to shamelessly rip off their advice and link! Look at the running videos under "exercises and demos". Also worth looking into mid/forefoot striking in general - googling for "barefoot running" and "pose running" will give some good resources.
  13. I'm not sure whether to thank you or curse you for introducing me to that site! Been following the system for about 3 - 4 days now and i'm in bits!

    Are you following it or do you just use it as a resource?

  14. Both really, when i was at uni i followed the "Workout of the Day" (WOD) every single day, admittedly thanks to an Arab mate who liked to kick my door in at 9am each morning, these days i generally get 3 in per week.

    As for there Exercises/Info database i use it on a regular basis. Its stuff like Clean and Jerk that always gets me, in England were so under funded with respect to sports facilities that we don't go about learning the functional exercises. Thus the learning utilities on have made me a better and more educated man :D.

    It's also at various points.......made my shins bleed, made my hands bleeds, make me puke from intensity, collapse in a heap and scream to whatever gods that are listening that life is unfair haha.
  15. OK Listen that cross fit running technique using the ball of foot strike is complete shite...I am a qualified Phys Trainer and have been running since the age of 14 now 31. I constantly track progression of all things running and this this "technique" is pathetic. Its unconventional,energy expendant and puts all the force of the strike onto the smaller more fragile bones in the foot. The natarul method of running is by far the most effecient...and this involves the heel strike but it is important to maintain a neutral strike i.e. not rotating your foot to either side as your heel hits the deck, roll onto the ball of your foot and push off with your toes..and your knees acting like a suspension to reduce impact up the body..any PTI worth his/her salt will back this up. If your having problems with your feet there could be a number of sources,ill fitting shoes or shoes not fastenend correctly i.e. homie style, rotating your feet as i mentioned,knee or hip mis-alignment or possibly spinal problems...see a professional trainer/visit a good running club and ask and do not adopt this wanky american chicken dance....oh and get off the treadmill and onto tracks and trails
    Running issues....DONE