Ache during running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by The_51, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. I've been starting to get an ache inbetween my shoulders during running. Someone said that I could be running too 'stiffly' but had just heard about it and couldn't offer any more.

    If anyone is aware of this problem, could you please suggest a solution.

    I do strech fully before a run both upper and lower body - do I need to stretch my upper body whilst on the move as well?
  2. Are you a chick? If you are, a good sports bra may help( 8O ). If you're not a chick, check your man boobs. If they're not big enough to cause injury, see a physio. I had something similar, and it was a rugby related neck injury, but the back is too complicated to do a diagnosis over the net... :?
  3. Thanks biscuits, I don't think its a boobage issue - I'll book in with a physio
  4. could be an upper body relaxtion issue... could be a postural/core stability issue?! as biscuits said.... the back is quite complicated with many associating factors! ide go see some one... not a doctor, a physio or a sports thearpist! good luck
  5. Echo above-go see a physio or something-if its a sharp pain when you breathe in it could be you're pulling the intercostals-but this will be a bit of a posture issue. The back is a nightmare, full of things to go wrong.
  6. Are you a girlie? I've been unfortunate enough to find out a cause of back pain from running last year was from wearing the wrong sort of sports bra - might be something work checking out.

    Do you get this pain when you do any other type of workout? If it is not a general pain, then you need someone to watch you run.

    One of the best resources for running online is the runners world website, you have to register but it is a font of knowlegde :-D

    Just a thought, but maybe you are too tense in your upper body. Are you carrying your elbows to rigidly? Or arching your back? Remember you need to be relaxed enough to have jelly jaw!!! :lol:
  7. Pain during running flowers??? Perhaps a nice deep chest massage would help...

  8. Have told you before I don't appreciate your advances! Especially not if you're going to make we dress up like that again! ;-)

    Anyway Tricam stop hi-jacking the thread!!!

    The_51 have a look here, if you're based in London it could be worth a go

    Also some stretches here
  9. I think this could well be the problem. Without sounding like a tool and desperately avoiding a waah, what's jelly jaw?
  10. nowah

    Jelly jaw is used to describe how relaxed you are when running. If you have gritted teeth and a screwed up race, it usually translates to having pain/tension/injury in other parts of your body so it's not really ideal for a run. Your face (and the rest of your body for that matter!) should be loose and relaxed. It's called jelly jaw because being that relaxed makes your jaw wobbly slightly with action of running.....
  11. Ah, exactly what it says on the tin!

    Thanks flowers, I'll give it a try...
  12. I'd like to see him do that. :D
  13. Dear The_51,

    Sorry for the late reaction. I meant to reply to this thread earlier, but I forgot. I don't know if I've always been this forgetful - I can't remember, :)

    What you're experiencing sounds very much like the problem I encountered just after I gave up active gymnastics and athletics and took up running to keep fit.

    As a track athlete, I was a sprinter and the longest distance I ever covered in that capacity was 400 metres. However, since such races are done and dusted in well under a minute, the tension created doesn't have the time to become acute. If you want tension, just watch 100 and 200 m sprinters. Eric Clapton would have no trouble playing a passable riff on their neck tendons!

    What helped me was, during running, to consciously lower my shoulders as far as I could and push them forwards and outwards at the same time (as if you're flexing your lats and trying to make yourself as wide as possible - like you do when some drunken berk offers you out down the pub). This leads to a slightly increased amount of cross-body arm movement, but at a fairly fast jogging pace, it isn't bad enough to make you stumble or break stride. If you simultaneously lower your head and attempt to stretch your spine upwards (as if you're trying to make yourself taller, but with your head bent down), you'll find that the pain diminishes rather rapidly. All this, as I said during running.

    It takes a conscious effort on your part to do it, but make it a habit to repeat this every minute and pretty soon you'll find that you're falling into a much more relaxed running style. It'll take a week or two, but your body'll help you because it feels the immediate benefit.

    I hope this helps. Best of luck and keep up the running!

  14. Sounds like good advice Bugsy7 - I'll give it a try.

    Thanks for the heads-up (or heads-down as it were!)