Ach,Teufel !.......der Kraut forebears.....

Little England in Shock German ancestry Claim ......

  • Mein Gott ! Grossmutter must never know....

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  • Zis cannot be true! Typical Boche propaganda, Hein ? Pass zer Frikkadellen....

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DonnerWetter!.....zis vill be ver' bad news for zer Liddle Englander Tendency !

Mein Gott vot vill Herr Clarkson say ?

All you vith Cherman Ancestors - Hans Opp ?

The Anglo-Saxon Invasion: Britain Is More Germanic than It Thinks - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
The Anglo-Saxon Invasion
Britain Is More Germanic than It Thinks
By Matthias Schulz

The British Museum
How Germanic is Great Britain really? Archeologists and geneticists have unveiled surprising revelations about the historical origins of people in the modern United Kingdom -- many of whom have ancestors who once crossed the North Sea.

The fear of a violent conquest of their country is deeply engrained in the English psyche. One of the likely reasons for this fear is that their ancestors committed this misdeed themselves.

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, two Germanic tribesmen, Hengist and Horsa, came ashore on the coast of Kent in southeast England in the year 449. They had sailed 600 kilometers (372 miles) down the coast from their native North Frisia, and had then made the crossing to a green and pleasant Britain.

The country they encountered was a cultivated place. Emperor Claudius had declared the island a Roman province in 43 A.D., and had introduced theaters and paved streets. There were 30,000 people living in Londinium in late antiquity.

All of this was destroyed, however, when the adventurers -- who became more and more numerous as families were reunited -- arrived from across the sea.

But how many people came to Britain across the North Sea in total? A thousand? Ten thousand? Or was it an even higher number?

Small Caste of Noble Warriors

Until now, the so-called Minimalists have set the tone in British archeology. They believe in what they call an "elite transfer", in which a small caste of Germanic noble warriors, perhaps a few thousand, placed themselves at the top of society in a coup of sorts, and eventually even displaced the Celtic language with their own. Many contemporary Britons, not overly keen on having such a close kinship with the Continent, like this scenario.

Thomas Sheppard, a museum curator, discovered this sentiment almost a century ago. In 1919, officers asked for his assistance after they accidentally discovered the roughly 1,500-year-old grave of an Anglo-Saxon woman while digging trenches in eastern England.

Sheppard concluded that the woman's bleached bones came from "conquerors from Germany" and announced: "These are our ancestors!" But the soldiers were thunderstruck. At first they cursed and refused to believe that they were related to the "Huns." But then the mood darkened. The trip back to the barracks "was like a funeral procession," Sheppard wrote.
Flood of People Crossed the North Sea

But there is no use in denying it. It is now clear that the nation which most dislikes the Germans were once Krauts themselves. A number of studies reinforce the intimacy of the German-English relationship.
Biologists at University College in London studied a segment of the Y chromosome that appears in almost all Danish and northern German men -- and is also surprisingly common in Great Britain. This suggests that a veritable flood of people must have once crossed the North Sea.

New isotope studies conducted in Anglo-Saxon cemeteries produced similar results. When chemists analyzed the tooth enamel and bones of skeletons, they found that about 20 percent of the dead were newcomers who had originated on mainland Europe


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Nieder wann er sind Hund in der strasse.....
ich sag das schon seit jahren! hoert irgendjemand auf mich?......nein!! nun habt ihr den salat


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ich sag das schon seit jahren! hoert irgendjemand auf mich?......nein!! nun habt ihr den salat
Dash it all that chap....spit it out ? Blasted germknodelkopfs......

( so is it true Jeremy Clarkson's DNA test result was covered up when he discovered he was actually 95% LedeHosenerer by ancestry ? I think we should be told......)


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Hengist was coarser than Horsa and Horsa was certainly coarse ..

My understanding is that they were invited over by Vortigern, a Celt who was trying to fill the vacuum left by the Romans, with a mission to put down piracy.

What would be interesting is a mitichondrail analysis on a fairly wide scale which would establish whether H & H & co brought their own women with them or mostly used the local supply. I suspect the latter.

If we were exclusively Germanic where did the English sense of humour come from?
You got it Seaweed, anyone from Kent should know this tale well, as the Horse is 'allegedly' Horsa's battle emblem. The Scroll bearing 'Invicta' means unconquered, relates to William the Bastard's ambush by Kentishmen and Men of Kent who demanded their Saxon rights of Inheritence, or Williams death. William accepted these terms and Kent was the only county of England retained Saxon law. Horsa and Hengist were granted the Isle of Sheppey by Vortigern for their anti piracy operations and they then decided to conquer the rest of the island. Kents genetic makeup is supposedly Jutish, Essex (EaSt Saxon's), Sussex (South Saxons) East Anglia (Angles), Wessex (West Saxons and so on....
On reading this I contacted my friend, the renowned anthroplogist Dr Professor Heinrich Knackerwurstfinkelfefferappfelstrudeltrommeler von Ulm und Wittelsbach Anhalt Hohenlinden Maybach Sachenhausen, and he said quite categoricaly, Dies ist alles ein total load von Bollucks mein freund, then carried on eating his bacon sarnie.
So, the genes of Germans and Brits are similar and the "experts" reckon it's because of a German invasion in the past?

How likely is that, really?

Look at history, it's filled with accounts of Brit armies going on foreign tours over there. Who's to say Tropper & his mates didn't do a bit of impregnating der frauleins in the Dark Ages. After all, it was Dark - nobody could be certain who was doing what to whom.


This is no surprise to me gents, my fathers German and my wife was born in reintel! alles klar?


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Coo....ya done it now me old Yam-Yam.....this isn't gonna go down well with the Oop Norf contingent:
At school many English people are taught that they are Anglo-Saxon. That their ancestors swept across England driving the 'primitive' Celts before them to the less desirable parts of Britain. On the flip side the invasion of the Anglo-Saxons has been depicted as an ethnic cleansing of an ancient and noble people.

If this was the case the majority of the South of England should have exhibited very little Celtic DNA. Instead it is the North of both England and Scotland, subject to later Scandinavian immigration that exhibit the least Celtic roots. An average English person, like an average Scot, is more likely to be Celtic or Scandinavian in ancestry than Anglo-Saxon.Surprisingly the South of England is as genetically Celtic as mainland Scotland
The tattoo parlours of Morningside and Bearsden ( mishtake shurely?) had better start changing their off the peg tribal designs - for something a little more pIKEA -friendly !

( hurdy gurdy y'all )

C|:-} Helga? Divvent dunch us Pet !


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meine oma looks like the koenigin............wundert mich schon

Ich herz ihr Denglish, Padme.....hast du ein naughty photo von Ihr Oma? es ist Sie nicht War ?

Face it you Saesneg have sucked the cock of all comers over the years, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Normans everyones had a go in a game of cultural Bukkake.

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