What are the timings and weight for the new ACFT Infantry?
Am mobilising soon to a unit that have done it and don't want an unpleasant suprise....


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If i'm thinking of the right one:

2 Miler in 18 minutes, with weapon and 25 kg in webbing and daysacks/bergan. Which is a bastard!
According to fit to fight pam 2 - Version 2/ Oct 06
Part 1:
-800m warm up in 7 minutes 30 seconds immediately followed by
-2400m speed march in 15 minutes
-20Kg load to be carried (Including rifle and ancils)

Part 2:
RMTs (Representative Military Tasks)
(These are listed in the Pamphlet and below)
-Chosen by the PTI
-Must do atleast 3 RMTs

Conducted over two days.
Day 1:-20Km endurance march over varied terrain
-Atleast 6Km off road
-Must be completed within 3 hours 25 mins and 30 hours 30 mins
-30Kg load to be carried

Day 2; Part 1:-20Km endurance march over varied terrain
-Atleast 6Km off road
-Must be completed within 2 hours 55 mins and 3 hours
-20Kg load to be carried

Day 2; Part 2:
-Selection of RMTs (As per ACFT1;part 2)

1. Unaided climbs into and out of the read of a 4-tonner. (Tailgate down)
2. Jump 1.7mtr ditch/gap
3. Firemans carry on good terrain - 100mtrs
4. Casualty drag on grass - 70/75kg dummy - 50mtrs
5. Scale standard 2mtr wall on obstacle course
6. Single lift of 30kg ammunition box - 1.45mtrs
7. Carry 2 x Jerry cans 150mtrs (Each weighs 20Kg)
8. Perform a regain on a single rope bridge
9. Shuttle Sprints - 5 x 20m - 56 seconds
10. Climb and Descend a Hemp/ Nylon rope under control
Cheers for that Ready, this seems to be more like what I was looking for....

The previous post was to much like the old ACFT, not what I had heard the boys are doing now. Will have to work my old fat body even harder to pass.
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