Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by junior_RLC, Sep 14, 2003.

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  1. alright people im new here. was just wondering what you lot thought about the Army cadet force and the CCF?
  2. i think they are crap...but maybe that's just wiltshire batallion ACF
  3. ...that said they've not yet been know to have any blue-on-blue incidents and we've only attacked one civvie...

    ...and he was a air-cadet so no-one cares a damn!
  4. Cadets psychotic theiving little bastards or the next generation to take up arms to defend the country ?
    I enjoyed my time with cadets and learned a little will encourage daughter to join when she older cheaper than guides :) .
    Some of their instructors range from good to walter mitty types but they usally get got rid of. wouldnt leave any kit outof arms reach when they around you mind .
    always rember some rocking up to the grenade range when we we on it ."oh we just here to watch " bollocks goes instructors so they get to throw grenades wouldn t like to be their instructors when their mums heard what they got up to on the weekend. :D
  5. im an adult instructor in the ACF , i do find it very enjoyable and stimulating , the position of being a instructor sergeant i feel is much harder than a regular sergeant in that unlike regs we work with OTHER peoples children and all the responsiblities thereof i.e. the children act, codes of conduct , you can't realy bawl them out or touch them and if it went wrong for any reason you can find your self in court having to explain your actions especially if it was a really big fcuk up then you can find yourself in jail , also another hairy subject every adult male MUST think about is "teenaged schoolgirl crush" an adult must be careful in how they deal with them as many of them would see them as the next most dominant male figure in their life after their father some do go further from simple respect to feeling of "love" handle it wrongly she could scream "rape and child molester" and you will be suspended while your life is put under a microscope .

    a reg sergeant has an easier time of it cos they work with adult recruits.diferent rules and regs etc
    having said all that if you use your common sense you can have a really fun time of it , travel to camps, work with the next generation and watch them grow :D , the social scene is good, maybe travel abroad .
  6. Cool, Grenades.

    Nope, seems like i was in the only Batallion so disorganised they changed the date of a training weekend without telling any of the cadets.

    I never even saw the CadetGP rifle, i did more .22 shooting with the scouts and after two-and-a-half years they'd only managed to pass me on the recruit cadre. No one-star, no nothing.

    I've left my platoon in horror at how bad it is, they didn't even let me try to help. Embarassing.

    I expect the KRH to be far better than my ACf unit...although, bless 'em, they only had the RGBW cap-badge, not sure what i expected for them.

    They left me with nothing but my combats and an inherited dislike for air-cadets...
  7. its a shame civilian_in_green that you had a bad experience with the Air cadets , i have to admit im suprised how bad it was , i've never heard of such sloppiness in the Army Cadet Force , u will get dcikheads and prats like anywhere but they don't stay long .......
  8. have any off youlot in here ever been asked to join a cadet training team or have you served in one?

    im a cadet myself and it seems most regs i speak to either dislike the ACF or think its good but class most of the adults as over bearing cocks! which a majority are. give em their sgt stripes and they think they are gods gift!
  9. After being sent as an instructor to 4 ACF Camps and 4 CCF camps whilst being a member of the TA I have noticed a number of things.

    Namely the ACF Adult Instructors / Officers do vary in quality from the weekend power abuser to the person that enjoys helping people. There is a common misconception that the Adult Instructors are members of the Armed Forces, they aren't they are Civilian Youth Leaders in uniform, the Officers on the other hand are holders of the Queens Commission and hence are members of the reserve forces. Just like any organisation there are good ones and bad ones both Officers, Adult Instructors and Cadets but to tar them all with the same brush is a bit harsh.

    The best thing I got from working with the cadet forces was seeing the transition in a kid from a noisy little oik to a sensible young person with a set of morals and standards over a very short space of time and being able to impart my knowledge and see it being put to practice.

    Especially in deprived areas or with regard to kids from hard backgrounds the cadet forces allow the child to channel their energies in a productive, disciplined manner and generally make them a better well rounded person with a sense of pride by the end of their time in.

    Don't judge a book by its cover....
  10. msr

    msr LE


    The Officers have passed TCB, but have not attended (necessarily) Sandhurst, reserve officers they are not!

  11. You're quite right, that ACF Officers, do have to attend the TA Commissioning Board and don't attend the TA Course at Sandhurst, and are not qualified to command TA units - unless they are former Regular or TA Officers.

    But they ARE TA Officers.

    They are not "Mainstream" TA Officers though. I think they are on a seperate list - think it's called the TA Gen B List or something weird and wonderful like that.

    Maybe someone who works in APC or on a Cadet Training Team can shed some light?
  12. We had a load of ACF officers in our Mess over the summer. The majority of them were absolute arrses, with no idea of how to dress or behave in the Mess. Don't they even learn the basics, such as not using mobile phones in the dining room, or not stealing the Mess newspapers?
  13. they attend a TCB course and if they pass that they go on to do thier TCB. they hold a TA class b comission and really are *******! some are ok, but most abuse the fact that they wear a pip or crown. the only decent ones i know of are ex regs.

    what do you think about cadet NCO's if you have worked with them. im a sgt but when i was a full screw some regs, especially crows were a bit funny with me as they see me as abusing my, but they dont see that i did a carde for the rank aswel!
  14. Sorry but no.

    Some of these ACF Officers are as young as 18 or 19 - not long out of having been Cadets themselves. While they will have been Adult Instructors (SI, SSI, SMI) in an ACF Units Sgt's Mess first - they will almost certainly not have been taught Mess Etiquette such as, I believe, is taught at RMAS. So it's not really very surprising that they hack the regular Mess members off.

    The only ones who will have had an idea of how to conduct themselves in a Mess will be ex-TA/Regulars and (dare I say it) Pads Brats.

    Having said that, the Sgt's Mess, of the ACF Bn, I was an AI in, would have frowned MIGHTILY upon the use of a Mobile in the Dining Room. But it was heavy with ex-Regular SNCO's.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Fair do's they're only youth workers in green....

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