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Discussion in 'REME' started by hungry, Aug 25, 2004.

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  1. Have you back loaded your A1 spares yes oh well. You will be happy to know that i am shortly coming into proof that the powers that be are issuing A1 weapons to the ACF without the change lever. This isn t scheduled till 2005-2006 so might happen by 2010. Anybody been told about this ?
  2. Somebody in London ACF has already heard the rumour. But rumour is rumour as they say, and as yet, there is no proof.

  3. Urm, But is the L98A1 (Cadet General Purpose Rifle) not a derivative of the SA80. Of particular note is that the automatic capability of the mature weapon system is not available on the GP rifle.

    So why would you need doctered L85A1? the main difference between the two guns is that the L98A1 lacks a gas system, however, about 90% of the components between the two guns are identical, so I am sure the A1 spares will be earmarked as such at Donnington.

    Do you mean that you want a Self-Loading Single Shot Model.....Instead of having to c o c k (i.e. pull the cocking handle) it after every shot....

    The L98 was designed specifically to be a Section 1 firearm, although this no longer matters as a provision of the Armed Forces Act 1996 allows cadets to use prohibited weapons. Since the ACF already have L86A1 Light Support Weapons (LSW) there is no legal reason to not issue L85A1's other than the fact that they are probably being held as war reserve weapons.

  4. The weapon was intoroduced in the mid 80's when I was a cadet. The CTT instructors told us that each weapon had an upgrading kit held seperatly so they could be converted to standard sa80's if the need arose.......

  5. Being an Ex Armr, I can tell you that there is a major difference in the two bodies of the rifles. The Cadet version has two lugs on the left side to incorporate the cocking handle that the cadets use. I know, because I once demanded the wrong part by accident. Bar that there's not much difference, and with a quick barrel change etc it could be converted to an standard L85A1.
  6. Upgrade Kit No - Possible Yes

    Any Armourer worth his salt, could draw up a parts list of required bits and pieces no problem.

    Of the 380,000 L85A1's produced 200,000 were earmarked for conversion to A2. Training Establishments and UK base units are still equipped with A1's So if the ACF want A1's in quantity, converting the L95's may be the only option!
  7. Stupid i know but when does anything make much sense in our line of work.
    They will be giving the ACF a weapon without the change lever but they will still have the LSW with the change lever.

    Just wondered if anyone knew anything bout it thats all
  8. it doesn't matter 'cos as a cadet we where often issued the sa 80 when we where used as enemy for the stabs. the cadets are still trained the l98, the lsw, the sa 80 (rifle 5.56 mm for you padantic b#sta#ds), and the ever so powerful .22 rifle

    my only concern when i was 14 was givind an automatic weapon to less mature 14 year old scousers.

    on the subject of the acf, when i was 13 and my first time on the range i had recieved minimal training and knew nothing about range rules and safety, i and many others where a danger to ourselves and others!
  9. :( Less of the b#sta#ds or I will tell my Mum & Dad when I find them!

    Easy for you to say, since you still live at home! :lol:
  10. yes, but carry on like that and i'll spit out my dpm dummy
  11. Just so the position is clear. Cdt Wpn TMHs fitted with A1 Upper body Assys (incl. brls) and Buffers will work and produce Semi-Auto Cdt Wpns.
    Also you will be able to fit the L41 conv. kits and have Semi-Auto .22s and bin No8s.

    But as I understand it at the momoment nobody will pay for it.

    A2 Conv, even semi-auto, will mean keeping No8s (A2s cant work with L41s) and alot more money.

    Wait and see is all you can do.