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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by come_to_arrest_the_zulus, May 4, 2005.

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  1. yeah ive seen cadet attacks. its like a renactment of waterloo, except most AIs would break a horses back if they tried to get on one. feeding time in the sgts mess if not for those with a faint heart
  2. :lol: that is true!
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The Waterloo bit is ultimately down to the old fart who decided that the cadet rifle would not be able to be fitted with a BFA.

    It seems a very strange decision to me.
  4. well the idea of AI having a weekend "to themselves" is just a piss take. the AI that are in our TA reg are all Biffs. either storemen or ex cadets who still couldn't tell the difference between their arrse and their elbow. i mean who turns up to a cadet camp on day 1 of pre tour leave, WEARING DESERT UNIFORM!!!! he knows who he is. OK enough of that chopper, but surely if cadet instructors needed or wanted some tuition or practice of their fieldcraft, or any other aspect of their military life, they could turn to their parent Reg (TA or Reg). I'm sure our Coy would have no dramas with havin a few AI's on board to help out as bods or whatever. Theres more to fieldcraft than sitting in an ambush and waiting, coupled with being taught how to leopard crawl and ghost walk which is all i ever got taught in the ACF! Come on guys, we're on the same side, i'm sure that havin a couple of TA lads on a weekend with the cadets could massively improve the quality and fun of their training.

    sure i should be getting back to work now.
    Bug ger 8O
  5. I have to agree slightly with some of MiB's comments. I am a new ACF instructor. I was previously in the TA at 17 but had to leave due to medical reasons, ie I'm deaf in my left ear. I managed to hold in there til the end of phase 1 training but the doctor clicked eventually :? Obviously I have no chance of joining the regs after uni now so I decided to come back to the cadets to give back what I had received as a cadet. Unfortunately I have noticed far too many 'adults' who seem to walk around all day yelling at 12 year olds. It is completely counter-productive. They also seem to forget that this is for the kids and they seem to be in it for themselves. Unfortunately the worst offenders seem to be some of the 18 year olds that have just left cadets. The get 3 stripes and all of a sudden they are god. :evil:
  6. worse part of the ACF is not the Cadets or the AIs , its the Politics upstairs and "old boys networks"
    i have witnessed many stupid politics going on, quite frankly it disgusts me, when i took over the Det for 6+ weeks(due to the enforced absence of the Curent DC) i was privy to all that and i don't like it one bit, i also have a complete tool of a SSgt who is ALSO TA, came in one night last year, brought in a BB gun and fired it at the Cadets, some got hit :evil: how stupid is that !?!, how he stayed on i don't know, the only thing i could think of is Politics, he should be booted out for such reckless behavior. :roll:
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Semper....that is not a matter for the local OC to cover up, it is a matter for the SIB.
  8. agreed, i don't think it will stay quiet for long , the cadets have told most New intakes and the new PIs have also been told by them , so its a matter of time.
  9. Were you there?
    If so, and you witnessed the event, it is up to you to report it direct to your CEO
  10. reported, waiting out ............
  11. My main memory of being a cadet is some old fart giving us a first aid lesson, he went off in a tangent dribbling over his dennison smock (this was 1989) about when pira opened up, exit wound the size of a plate blah blah blah etc.
    Many of these units could benefit from responsible Attached Reg/TA personnel to add just that little bit more!
    Taking on ex-cadets as Adults is just stupid, they just want to hang about drinking panda pop as before with their mates. They should have to join Regs/TA for a few years before even considered fot ACF adult service! :!:
  12. mib wrote:
    The Waterloo bit is ultimately down to the old fart who decided that the cadet rifle would not be able to be fitted with a BFA.

    It seems a very strange decision to me.

    not sure if you knew this - but reason for no BFA is there are no gas parts on cadet GP rifle
  13. oh , I wondered why , so there are no gas parts ?
  14. nope, it's single shot only
  15. It would be dangerous to let the little darlings loose with an automatic weapon!