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Discussion in 'ACF' started by semper, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. do you ever hear of stories that is so unbelievable and it has echoed down the annals of the ACF movement ?
    No Names no pack drills mind.
  2. no takers , we must be a boring lot then :lol:
  3. coach load of nurses for the mess dinner, never arrive never seen
  4. ACF will be getting SA80s next year (two years ago)
  5. Get ready for a helicopter ride if you go to annual camp, that is THE most legendary urban myth. It was when I was in anyway.;)
  6. SA80 next year???? They were telling cadets that back in 1997!!!
  7. CO: Weve got plenty of blank for this weekends excersise.

    Actuality: 3 rounds per cadet to last 24 hours and 3 section attacks.
  8. i got a helicopter ride at one of my summer camps when i was in the ACF, it was at crowborough if i remember correctly and was in a Gazelle in 1998/9 i think with Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Rutland ACF. So some rumours do have real foundations!
  9. Just did my WHT on L85A2, but the cadets wont be allowed to do so until every adult is trained up first. That will take longer than getting the weapons in the first place.

    A Skilled pass, incidentally, Ahem... :wink:
  10. Cadets are getting the A2? Surely they arent allowed an automatic weapon...
  11. I am fairly sure that the LSW's are being replaced with the A2 equivalent as we have been told that our LSW qualifications are void until we are trained on the "new" one.

    Cadets with the A2 rifle I would think highly unlikely. For the forseeable future it is most likely to be continued cannabilism of the GP rifle to keep some in service, whilst a final desicion is made around it's replacement.
  12. ACF urban myths...

    Ian Huntley was a swimming instructor for Norfolk ACF

    Fred West used to teach field defences to Gloucescescestershire ACF

    its all true i tell ya.
  13. That makes more sense. W_o_t_w - why didnt they test you on LSW?
  14. Isn't that a TA urban myth? No, my mistake, the cadets actually got some blank.
  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: