ACF Uniforms - Are they counterfeit?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Knightwars4, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. As I'm in the ACF I was wondering if our Soldier 95s were counterfeit or not.
  2. Well, as they have:
    1) an NSN

    2) they come through British Army stores system


    3) you got the new ones with the gay velcro on each sleeve before me

    personally, I would say no
  3. Are you referring to the smock? Our shirts have buttons for the wrist collar:; Velcro for the smock wrist collar.
  4. Think he means patches on the arm, not the wrist closure.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    They cannot be 'counterfeit' as they are not being used by the Armed Forces. ACF/ Cadts are a (uniformed) youth movement, NOT anything whatsoever to do with the Army. If they say sou should wear pink pantaloons, that's up to them.

    It is a criminal offence to dress up as a member of HM Armed Forces and use this to decieve - but Cadets are not covered by this, so can wear what they like.
  6. He is referring to the new issue items that have velcro on the shoulders for badges.

    Your 'shirt' (or Combat Jacket Lightweight) has button cuffs, your Field Jacket or smock will have velcro cuffs.

    ACFs and CCFs still have kit that predates St Alban so you may be wearing 'CS95' that is actually something else. However, most uniform in the ACF stores will come from NSN stores. Thus not counterfeit.
  7. The ACF uniforms are not counterfeit but they differ from those issued to real soldiers as yours are drenched in the hot tears of stolen innocence.

    And the milky stains of your AI's hip thrusting release.
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  8. ACF and CCF are Youth Organisations SPONSORED by the Army/MoD. So have a little to do with the Army. They are also trained and supervised by the Regular Army (Cadet Training Teams).

    Is it a criminal offence specifically to pose as a serviceman? I thought it was specifically an offence to pose as a copper, anything else is just deception surely?
  9. What makes you think they are fake (I can't spell counterfeit) anyway?
  10. They are not fake. They come from the same supplier the army get their kit from.

    Considering how much they cost, why would anybody fake them?

    We don't even have a 'Cadet Smock' anymore. Its cheaper to produce the soldier one in cadet sizes.
  11. Try telling the Chain of Command that the ACF is nothing to do with the Army - with a bit of luck they might listen to you, because they are a pain in my arse.

  12. Now, now!

    take a hundred lines!

    "Must not mix up my own fantasies with fact"
  13. And coming to your ACF detachment very soon MTP
  14. yer typical just as im about to get my greens, by the time i have em looking good ill have to trade em.

    oh well
  15. Considering that PCS isn't getting rolled out to the Field army until 2012, then TA I really recommend not holding your breath.