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Discussion in 'ACF' started by 160164xcoy, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Greetings Im in need of my own copies of Vol 1 & 2 APC Sylubus can anyone help ive tried web site but with no joy
    cheers Guys!!

  2. I'm guessing you are a cadet as an adult would have access to Westminster and online copies of all the Pams. In which case why do you need your own copies? If you need them for a course JCIC/SCIC speak to your DC. They should have some system in place whereby they can loan you the necessary Pams.
  3. Here you go.

  4. Unless they take cadets at the age of 49yrs yes as far as westminster is concerned its been a nightmare to access latley
    reason for needing my own copies is because trying to use the one copy at the detachment when its constantly in use i need a coy of my own i can take with me on training weekends.

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    Could you indent for a supply of capital letters and punctuation marks at the same time?

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  6. Never mind, ill find help with this matter else where, thankyou anyway, im sure ill resolve the issue myself.
  7. All ACF dets have netbooks and links to the internet now.

    Download the required documents from the library on Westminster, and save to CD or print. You now have your own copy.

    Remember that this copy is 'uncontrolled' so you will need to periodically check for amendments.
  8. Westminster is your best bet, at Frimley they are just A4 printed copies from Westminster, if you are having issues with it then just keep trying. I have downloaded the manuals and keep them as PDF's on an e-reader. as they are PROTECT this is perfectly acceptable.