hello chaps and chappettes serious question here.
hope you can help me.
a while ago I thought I had seen a picture of an ACF Tie in this forum, it was a red tie with the ACF logo on it.
I can't seem to find it now :frustrated:

so wonder if anybody has any leads on this.

Actually, it should be blue with the ACF badge on it in diagonal rows.

They were avaialble from CSD, but since that went tits up, I've no idea where you could get one now.


I would like an ACF tie, so if anyone knows a source, it would be appreciated. Or are there any budding entrepreneurs out there who would get some made?

Must it have the ACF badge on it? Why not just stripes in the ACF colours? My RLC tie doesn't have the badge on it, and nor do the other regimental/corps ties I have seen.

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