ACF subject to Military Law?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Squiggles, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone clear this up for me? Are Cadets, and AI's subject to Military Law whilst "on duty" as it were?

    I would imagine Adult Officers are, as they hold a commission, but what about the rest.

    When I was a Cadet (12 years ago) I remember the range declaration stating it was a military offence etc, and also one of our sister detatchments used to parade at an RMP TAC.
    Could those chaps in scary red hats actually arrest us, or would it be down to civvie plod?

    What about an AI who commits what would be a military offence, whilst on duty on MOD property?
  2. Yes, probably... yawn

  3. Officers are subject to mil law.

    AIs are not because they are civ scum.

    Cadets even less because no one cares.

    Now fcuk off!
  4. well if you look in "ACF Rank real?" all the numbties in there have made a point of pointing out we are only youth workers ( WAT THE F*CK!!!!!) so therefore are not subject to military law , but yes officers are because of the comission
  5. Ridiculous question.

    No way.
  6. As a former/current member of all the below:

    and civvy bill

    I'm the most qualified to speak on this I think, oh dear I can't be arrsed....
  7. Monkey AND the bill.

    You must be in great demand at parties.
  8. No need to tell the cadets that though :wink: .
  9. You are still a youth worker on this thread too, idiot boy.
  10. We're a youth organisation. Obviously military law applies to serving soldiers, not youth leaders. The main regs we need to be aware of are Cadet Training Safety precautions and the childrens act, which are enough to keep anyone occupied. Leave military law to those whom it affects. We have enough to deal with looking after other peoples kids. In other words we have regs to help and guide us in our job, and soldiers have military law/queens regs. As I said in the ACF rank real thread, Ranks, and in this case, regulations, are appropriate and apply to what we do. WE ARE NOT SOLDIERS. Let's not make more regs turn against us by being walts. We need them for support.
  11. Yeah I am, oh and ref your Mrs invitation to a party in her mouth - tell her I'll be coming. Ta rah, tish boom.
  12. Do you mean numpties, or do you mean the people who put you in your place you jumped up walting nobody

    and you are only youth workers
  13. Bit of a mong question some may say, but here's the answer:

    ACF Officers - Subject to military at ALL times (as in common with anybody else who holds the Queen's Commission in her Land Forces) - hardley used but a good way of getting rid of d!ckheads when they fcuk up but won't do the decent thing and get the mess Webbley!

    ACF AIs - Part time crwon servents employed by the Secretary of State for Defence - not subject to military law and can only be treated as any other 'civie' whilst engaged on ACF activities, even on MOD property.

    Cadets - As above minus the employment bit!
  14. As a former/current member of all the above, no wonder you're a rude arrogant cnut
    Point proven
  15. Anyway, back in the real world - yes it was a bit of a bone question. Just something I'd wondered and was interested to get a definitive answer.

    To the cocky fcuks: Why read and reply if it's such a boring topic?

    To those with brains: Thanks for the info. My curiosity is now satisfied.

    Love to all,

    Squiggles x