ACF striped ties.

Discussion in 'ACF' started by semper, May 7, 2006.

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  1. i have been in another discussion regarding Regimental ties , which usually has stripes , leading on from that, i have discovered that ACF's own Cadet shop don't sell ties in the ACF colours.

    only plain boring patterns

    so after a bit of rooting around saw this is the nearest equivilent tie, as i would liek to wear ACFs own colours , i do have affiliated regiment ties , but would liek to have our coloured ties and watch straps. ties only and its an american website,no watch straps so far.

    or a bespoke version could be done but it is a minimum of 50 orders

    if any of you happen to know of an ACF coloured watch straps i would be interested in buying one.
  2. Excuse me but what on earth is "ACF Colours" ??

    If you say red and blue then please join the back of a very large queue

    Please don't try and make up something that doesn't exist
  3. Actually what the hell why not go buy this one


    Its the right colours and everything

    Oh how a bout the watchstrap as well


    Oh no hang on thats the Household Division, they might get a wee bit pished off if you nick that

    I know, the ACF stable belt has yellow in it, so how about yellow then


    Wait a minute, isn't that the RA one ?

    err are you getting my point now ?
  4. so Wellyhead , would you like me to walt it then ?, pretending to be household cav, SAS, REME even, wearing their ties and passing myself of as an regular/ TA ?
    the thread is to find out if there is anything ACF related, if it doesnt exist then it should ! as there is probably a market waiting to be tapped,

    these are the examples already been sold, so, a Tie in brighter red, blue with a Yellow strip in between and possibly the ACF crest on it sounds like a good idea.


    whats wrong with a little pride in the ACF ? if you have nothing to contribute , don't post, this is a discussion thread to see if any is for sale or if there is enough interests if not !
    many of these regimental Ties and watch straps didn't exist at one time, till somebody wants them , i want the ACF coloured straps and if enough wanted them then there should be one made.

    owt wrong with that ?

    also Wellyhead , i don't recall you being an ACF instructor, can you clarify if you are or not , its would be a first if we get a regular who wants to walt themselves as a ACF instructor !

    i await your reply.............
  5. No I am not an ACF instructor, but I was in the ACF many years ago and am extremely proud of the fact, I have a lot of time for cadets and AIs who do an important job that yields little recognition.

    My post was not an attack at you or AIs in general, its more a comment on the fact thet you simply can't just make up a tie because you don't like the current one, you place a pic of a tie that you felt was closest to the ACF colours, which was a virtual copy of the household div tie, if you want a decent ACF tie then lobby regional and national HeadQuarters not try and drum up a few lads in cyberspace.

    Look sorry if I came at you a little hard but regimental pride is very strong to me, when I was a cadet we aligned ourselves to our capbadge, in my case RA, so much so I joined the reg RA when old enough, once a gunner and all that. Recently I saw some local cadets to me, who are also RA wearing the ACF stable belt, this actually pished me off as they were RA and should of wore a RA stable belt, however at that time I didn't know there even was an ACF belt (what also fecked me off is they used Cpls not Bdrs, but thats another story) However I would concede to you that it is not right for an ACF AI to wear regimental accruements of the reg/TA counterpart, I actually knew someone who did that, he also walted as an ex Legionaire, but you do actuially have a tie, you are not being discounted. Not all military ties are striped, look at the paras and SAS, their ties are plain colours with badges

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If this really is an issue to you then as said approach HQs or lobby other cadet centres and see if you can get something better

    Good luck, and I say that with all honesty
  6. okay fair dos, re the SAS and Para ties, i do wear the regimental stable belt on duty, its off duty in my own time , i.e. in the Mess or in the formal functions i would have liked an ACF tie, as it didnt feel quite approriate for me to wear a Regimental tie as i could be mistaken for an ex regiment and being asked what unit i am in, do i know so and so , where was i based etc , you get the picture.
    i don't think many ex SAS will be wearing such ties openly, it would be a big walt fest !

    other regimental watch straps are ok, i like some of the colours schemes and you could wear tjhem for that reason alone, its not too visable, as long as it isn't SAS, light blue with wings on ! i guess, i haven't seen any myself but i would imagine there is a big walt market for "rare" SAS items

    i must admit i wasn't too keen on the ACF stable belt, especially when worn with the wrong cap badge, does look naff, one of the strengths of cap badges is that is encourages recruitment into their parent regiment,in your case it worked, as it did with many cadets.
  7. You would be suprised my friend, very suprised.
  8. Actually a very interesting thread this.

    Firstly (to Semper) there is not an ACF watch strap in existence, but there are companies who would accept such a commission. Neither is there an ACF striped tie , they are all plain with various motifs on them (depending on which one you're actually after). I think a new design would have to go before the ACFA for approval.

    As to my personal preference dress wise. Aside from my KG6 tie, I also have a Gunner tie, a 106 Regt. Officers' tie, a DWR tie and an ARRSE tie and I must admit it's usually one of these. Aside from the pride of being associated with these venerable units, it's also a matter of quality (all the ACF ties are polyester - no silk is available). However, before the great unwashed cry 'Walt!', I always wear a small gold lion cub (ACF Instructors' Badge) in my lapel to proudly proclaim exactly what I do.

    Moving on to belts, at the moment I wear a DWR one. Until recently, I wore a Gunner one. I do possess an ACF one, but have never actually worn it. I'm of the opinion that the ACF titles worn in all orders of dress is more than advert enough to those who need to know. In fact, when The Yorkshire Regiment is formed (Flashy has top line billing for this), all ACF attached Officers and AIs are to be given a belt FOC ( :D ), so the Regiment obviously has no problem with this.

    I really don't understand the objections that some of our Regular brethren have to the use of Regimental items by the ACF. Perhaps someone could explain it to me?
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  9. A regular friend of mine said its because they have to got through Phase 1 and 2 to earn their stable belt, whereas we get given them.

    Which is a fair one really when you think about it.
  10. Don't phase 1 and 2 recuits wear the dress of their intended regiments? I read a thread a few months ago saying that recuits for 7RHA are even wearing maroon berets at AFC.

    Edit: On reflection this post is horribly off topic.. sorry.

  11. I would be extremely suprised to hear that guys in training who INTEND on joining the likes of 7 RHA wearing maroon berets, what you want at the start of training is very different than what you end up doing, in my intake half the guys in my troop were signed up for either 7 or 29 (including myself) other the period of training that number is significatly whittled down in the end to 2 guys, one went 7 and one 29, both passed.

    Also the Maroon beret is a bridage attirement that is you have to be actually part of 16 Bde to wear one, I will think you will alos find that those positoned to join either 1st or 3rd RHA don't wear their "brouch" badge and wear "flatty" badges instead until they arrve at their respective regt.

    As to the question about regs disliking ACF wearing regimental insignia etc, you will probably find that the same guys don't like the TA wearing it either. Unfortunalty some have a "my dick is bigger than yours" approach when it comes to such things. Personally I like the idea and encourage closer contact with regular counterparts, I was lucky to be RA badged in a Cadet unit close to Woolwich when depot was there and managed a couple of weekends learning lt gun drill, SAA with SLR's and drill on a fecking big square. Also my unit shared a TAC with a platoon from 10 Para and there was chances to work with them. When I went to the ACIO I put down my three choices as Para Regt, RA and R Sigs (I seriously cannot remember why I put that down). I was point blankly refused Para Regt becuase (this was their words guys so don't shoot me) I was too intelligent due to high scores on the tests.

    The point of what I am trying to say is I had exposure to 2 units Paras and RA at an impressionable age, when it came to the time to sign up those 2 choices where firmly in my mind, its a shame such contact couldn't be kept up.

    My this really has gone off topic :?
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  12. I think both the red and the gold are too dark to be spot on. Not a bad design though.
  13. Yes, hideously off topic. However I agree completel with what you say and regiments friendly to the ACF who accept the ACF and actively support it and not appear to be knobbers towards them will get people signing up to theif regiments.

    Apolofies for bad grmmar and spelling, bloody internet explorer I cant see what im typing.
  14. wow, can't believe this thread has been resurrected

    Just re-read it and my I sounded like an angry man, must of caught me on an off day. With a bot f hindsight on ties my advice is in fact, design one, submit it and voila new tie (if approved)

    As to the post about berets in training, i can confirm at Larkhill applicants for 7 RHA wear maroon berets in Phase 2 training, also applicants for 4/73 wear the Khaki and 29 Cdo wear the dagger TRF (not the qual badge and beret of course). Also other recruits wear whatever brigade/Div patches, slide abnormalities and Regimental-isms that their intended unit wears.