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Got my promotion interview from PI to SI in about a month, wondering if anyone has any advice of what to expect in this boarding interview?

As they say, time spent in recconaisance is seldom wasted, and i'd rather not be going in blind when i can ask people who have already passed it.

No smart arsed replies from the OTC lot please like "just join the OTC instead", we've all heard it and its boring.
snigger... Don't fight it Mongoose :)

"So what are your 10 favourite Gary Glitter songs?" is usually a favourite. 8O

Edited to apologise for my purile humour. My time in the ACF lead directly to me joining the army for 11 years, so it should be recognised as a valuable recruiting tool (even though it isnt officially acknowledged as one), as well as being a good influence on kids lives.

I have never heard of their being an interview at this stage but my company can be a bit slack, I would expect it to be along the lines of well done what do you want to do next and what courses are you interested in.
I too have never heard of an interview for the PI to SI transition - this must be a very 'belt and braces' County ACF.

I remember when I was sitting on an interview panel for the appointment of new PIs. A young potential PI, who was well known to us all as an ex 4-star cadet CSM, strode confidently into the interview room.

We asked all the usual questions: What could you offer the ACF? Would you mind transferring to a different Detachment? Where do you see yourself in three years time? etc. We then asked him about his experiences outside the ACF: he replied "I am very understanding of other cultures and have a wide variety of cultural experiences under my belt". When asked to elaborate on what his cultural experiences were, he said "I like nipping to the Indian and Chinese restaurant once in a while"!!!

Well, we're all pissing ourselves and rolling about the floor laughing by this point. He got the job, and has been a huge hit in the Sgts mess ever since.

INCIDENTALLY: Anyone reading this know if Oxfordshire RGJ ACF have a website? I'd appreciate the link.
This is a bit confusing - As far as I was concerned you have to have an interview to be taken on as a PI then you have to complete an ITC to become an SI. I don't believe that should be any different County to County, unless your county have thrown in an extra interview after ITC??
Joined and appointed as a CI/CA,

Went to annual camp and completed a PI Cadre and a FAW Course (1 week each)

PI Interview at the end of annual camp

Went to AITC with 19CTT and completed this course

Now have an interview from PI to SI

Must just be my county then.

If the County have paid for you to have attended AITC, get CRB etc then what is the purpose of the interview??????? Surely if you were a complete mong they would have found out by now.
Its good from that point of view, i think, at the end of the day its probably similar to an "end of probation period" interview they do in the workplace.

Is the general consensus that you only usually have one interview then?

Cheers for all the info guys
I had two interviews one with my company commander when i first joined and one with my commandant after my CRB was recieved and on the first weekend i went on, the first interview was about 20 mins long the second lasted about 5 minutes.

My company commander recently interviewed the majority of AI's to see what thier aspirations are do they want to go for a commision would they like to run a det that kind of thing i would expect that will be the content of the interview that you are invited to.
well at least your county bothers to communicate with you at some level. In my county only UO's are considered
worthy of human contact to the point that I have to BEG to get a shuffti at Part 1/2 orders!

Frankly the only thing that my county seems to organise to perfection is Officers Mess dinner nights

Fekin Ruperts

Chunt, moan shinfer........was never like this in my day.......

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