ACF Sergeant wants RE Mess Dress and No 2s

I am a Sergeant Instructor in the ACF. I am affiliated to the RE and I am looking for Mess Dress and No 2s.

Any ideas on where I can them from as they are not issued to us but are ocassionally needed?


The Teacher
Try asking at the RE Unit to which you are affiliated, people are always 'outgrowing' Mess Dress!
Ta Shorty, I will get in touch with the other detachment in our Company where the RE are actually based and get someone to ask them.

The Teacher


Try the thrift shop at RSME Brompton - run by the QM Dept I seem to recall.
Mess dress isn't issued, you'd have to buy it yourself. Thrift shop is a good place to start for second hand gear, either that or any of the ads in the back pages of Sapper/Soldier mag for new.
Does anyone have contact details for the Thrift Shop, website or whatever?

I have emailed RSME Brompton but as of yet had no reply.


The Teacher
Got a fat bstd set hanging in the garage! Unless of course a certain clothing storeman at 33 gets his arse in gear then he can have them-be quick teacher they wont be there long
Ive got a R Signals one for sale and I beleive Signals and RE mess dress is the same except for badges obviously. Can anyone confirm this?
If its right PM me if your interested to confirm size

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