ACF Rifles cadets and heavy drill?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Mincer, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. This is something that has confused and often caused problems during parades. Why do cadets affilated to The Rifles not do light drill? Firstly i would have thought they would have jumped at the chance to have something attaching them further to thier cap badge. Secondly as remenberence dawns ever closer, i fear the we will get plagued with same problems as my unit had last year. We TA coy of The Rifles and all the local cadet forces (all ACF Rifles other than about 5 ATC ) left our TAC and headed towards the usual root round the town to the cenataph. Obvisouly being Rifleman we got the order "To your right, Quick march" and the first starts as the cadets just stand there lost. Eventually they got the hint and we started off. Cluster 2 was introduced once we got the cenataph and realised the cadets where no where to be seen, as it turned out they marched at the slow place and where miles behind and we ended waiting for them. By this stage i think everyone got the jist both us and the poor cadets wern't on the same page and instead of our CSM giving the whole parade the orders each individual unit did there own thing. Looking back it must have looked very unprofessional to the praying eyes of the public. It was a shame really. Anyways enough of my sob stories, can anyone answer me why The Rifles cadets dont do light drill?
  2. In Oxon and Bucks we used to do light drill, not sure if they still do. But in Shropshire they do normal drill because they have about 5/6 differant cap badges up there!
  3. It's quite dependent on what capbadge is worn throughout the county. In Oxfordshire ACF, for instance, most if not all of the county wears the capbadge of the Rifles, so Light Drill is taught there. A County is like a Battalion, so that is the unit that you are part of, at the higher level. Thus, if your county is less than 50% Rifles, you haven't much chance of learning it as anything more than an 'interest period' as you need to be able to drill with the rest of the county.

    I say 50%, but frankly I can imagine much more of a stink being kicked up if ANY other capbadges were told to do light drill, than if Rifles cadets were told to do AA drill. So, in reality, anywhere that isn't all Rifles will learn AA drill just for easy co-operation with the rest of their county. It's a PITA when you go to camp / coy weekend and you want to do a morning drill refresher and test it, and a number of the cadets fail because they've not been taught AA drill commands.
  4. They are a Youth Club dressed in military uniform. Not the real deal.

    And as stated above, if a multitude of capbadges is it not better to teach ONE style of drill so they can get it right?
  5. fair enough, i presume they must be dorset ACF and i have no idea about the %'s within the county.
  6. There's no light drill in the Training Pamphlets, that doesn't mean it can't be in the syllabus though. Who else is on Parade, what about the old 'n wrinklies, cubs 'n brownies? Never seen a Remembrance procession even get close to 120 a minute.
  7. We certainly do light drill, the exeption being recently we've started doing heavy drill because for some reason we need to do heavy drill on remembrance sunday, and therefore are practising.
  8. All cadets should have the ability to use the standard drill set out in the APC Manual. Units with the honour of wearing The Rifles Badge do learn that of their Regiment, but that should not mean they are unaware of how to perform at the slower pace.

    (I have to say I don't know where the term "heavy drill" arose, but I don't like it :)
  9. it seemingly just what we call other drill because we do light drill.. :S
  10. It is a quite different drill on the whole tom, not just a marching speed!

    But yes, I agree that cadets need to learn by the syllabus, not by unit preference.
  11. Why not 'dark' drill then? ;)
  12. thats an interesting point, however we have it the other way round where i am in scotland. when we parade at the war memorial we have a pipe band playing us there, at the front is the band then legion etc then the SCC,ACF and ATC. all 3 cadet units march at the "regular pace" but the band plays at the slower pace. always ends up our mob along with the other 2 nearly shunting the legion out the way until we slow the pace down. looks a bit odd for the first 50 yards or so with everyone shuffling to get back in to step. last year to mix it up the salvation army band were at the rear of everyone and were playing at the same time as the pipe band. slow marching at the front and quick march at the rear.a real sight for the spectators that day. lets see what happens on sunday this year ;-)
  13. I agree with you sole heartly that cadets should follow a controlled and monitored syllabus, however if they are going to take on capbadges of regiments then they should take on that regiments customs within there syllabus. By not taking on the capbagdes customs whats the point in being affilated, you may aswell have a generalised cadet capbadge.

    p.s. dark drill indeed.. scares me when all this knee high stuff starts :p
  14. It has always been my understanding that 'Rifles' will march at the 'heavy' pace, and indeed perform 'heavy' drill when on parade with non-Rifles units, in order to avoiid this kind of feck-up.

    Lord Mayor's Show in London would be deeply interesting if participating Rifles coningents took off like racing snakes, careered past the rest of the parade, and came in early . . . . bad enough, when I was on the Parade in 1973, that the band behind us stepped off on the wrong foot, and hadn't the wit to change step: thus ensuring that whenever they played a march, our contingent (ahead of them) would lose the step, then pick up their beat, then go through the same silly performance again when our own band struck up again.

    All down to SNCOs/WOs understanding the parade, and the plce in it, of their unit.
  15. I remember doing a remembrance parade where we did march at Light pace and the rest of the parade marched at normal pace. We were at the front for this reason (great idea being we'd just create a gap). Funny thing was, order of march went Our band, Legion Band, gap, us, everyone else. But for some odd reason, our band only played for the first 100 yds and then tailed off into a side street.

    Result: We march off listening to our band, keep the pace fine. Our band tails off. We continue marching at light pace when the only bass drum in earshot is playing normal pace. It all falls apart as even the most switched on Cpl at the back can't keep calling out the timings when his head has been life-long set in 'listen to the bass drum' mode.