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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lepus, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Any recruiting methods that actually work chaps. I'm having a bit of a manpower crisis at the moment and need some new recruits.

    Any ideas?

  2. Not strictly help Rab.

    However, it's more thinking about the problem in reverse.

    I never joined at school because the one lad whom I did know to be in the ACF was lording it up and to be honest making them look a bunch of walts (I didn't know that word then of course, otherwise I would have used it on him 8)).

    He'd come to school in his combat jacket, and talk about the best calibrations for sniper rifles and how to account for wind :roll:. What I am saying is, you should use the lads you currently have to advertise themselves to their mates, but make sure they are presenting a good image.
  3. Cadets vote with their feet - they either bring bods in, or leave. Think on.
  4. Word of mouth is an obvious one, I was thinking more of the logistical demands of sorting out open days etc.
  5. Why not ask us what we think of YOUR ideas, you know YOUR situation better than us sunshine!
  6. Rab,

    I currently assist at my local ATC Squadron.

    What they do is take to Corps to the schools.

    Some schools have an issue with it, but not all. They put together a recruiting package of grinning cadet photographs, powerpoint slide shows and a couple of smartly dressed cadets and go off and accentuate the positive: camps, adventure training, Duke of Edinburgh Award participation, personal development - that sort of thing.

    Open days wouldn't work - we're in Apache territory!
  7. I used to go to cadets in another town from where I lived due to the local cadets hanging around street corners and the likes in uniform after parade my parents did not allow me to go for this reason. My parents both having served in the Army were non to happy about the idea of myself or my sister (who also intends to join when she finnishes her career training) mixing with people who had no respect for the uniform they were wearing. Drinking smoking loutes with fowl mouths not a good look.

    I am politely trying to suggest that this may be a reason for your decline in numbers. The kids may want to join but the parents may be against the idea. I also suggest you make calls to the other cadets instructors and see if there numbers are falling too in your area.

    Another suggestion do you have kids on your books who don't attend calls to parents may be an idea you may find said kids are up the park and there parents think they are in your charge.

    Make sure the cadets are on show every opportunity Half marthons, Charity events anything to raise the public profile.

    Mo x x x
  8. Cheers Mo, I hadn't thought of that.

    The school one seems like a good idea, thanks for filling out the bones of the idea a bit more Mangonel.
  9. Our county has a recruitment trailer set out with all the shiny things that attract cadets. We take it to various shows and public gatherings and it seems to do the trick. Can't beat word of mouth though, have you asked your cadets to bring friends along?
  10. if we did a bring a friend along night we would end with allsorts of nutters,even more mad then our current bunch
  11. Knowing the troop in question, I can concur.
  12. ahh but ur mob did have BLINKEY BILL
  13. Before I was DC.

    Doesn't count. And even he's not a patch on B**s*o*
  14. i hang my head in shame,yes indead the unspoken one is quite mad,he even once commontated that a 1st war tank didnt look very old!!
  15. Not as bad as my one that asked if the tank still worked.