Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by slab, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. I agree with CRCR - it has turned into a bit of a bun fight! Woody 32 must be splitting his sides to see that his relatively inane starter has caused such a furore. IMHO I have never seen an AI get so far up his/her own backside that they think they have authority over a regular or TA soldier. Two further points:

    1. ACF rank slides are clearly marked as such - for adults and cadets alike.

    2. I am currently a humble "Potential Instructor" as I am still awaiting to to on my AIs course. I wear a red rank slide with the legend "Instructor". Rather than rank, should all AIs wear these, with the exception of Det/Sqn level commanders who should retain their "pips" (TA List B commission and all that).

    Food for thought anyway.
  2. The problems i have seen arise when said P.I.s attend and complete their I.T.C. and get give their stripes. A small power trip follows but soon calms down. There is the odd prize nugget, like the one i have been asked to kkep an eye on during his pre ITC training and file a report. ACF rank slides are clearly marked but only if the cadet/adult wears them (big no no in our county). I have them for all my C95s but not for my jumper, not enough shoulder titles to go around.

    There are only the odd bad apple here and there and on the whole don't do any harm.
    Oh and good luck with your course too.
  3. The only people I have seen wear the red Instructor flashes are instructors at the AFV Gunnery School at Lulworth. They have to work very hard to get them and are justly proud to wear them. They may get a little upset if they were to find out that they were being worn as ACF insignia.
  4. All Rank slides for P.I.s have this 2 inch red tape on them, With the letters P.I. in big black letters on them. These have been used (or should have been) since 1999 when i joined the ACF. I got very attached to mine but had to hand them back after my ITC.
  5. For a start, Cadets should be wearing their brassards on the CS95, and not be wearing rank slides. If they are wearing rank slides, 'Cadet' should bewritten underneath it. All ACF adults should have ACF (Including Officers) written underneath their rank slides. This prevents confusion between adults and cadets, and between the ACF and the Regular Army (Including TA).

    Full tit is correct, it should be a red flash with PI standing for Penis Inspector, ahem, sorry, Potential Instructor. Can be called an Instructor 'till you've done your AITC!
  6. Glad thats cleared up then.
  7. Ahem! I hang my head in shame - and will hand the slide back to the *cker that gave it me.

    No disrespect meant to RAC instructors at Lulworth: I only ever went there on holiday after I left the Regulars!

    Thread closed methinks.
  10. Bleeding brassards look crap anyway , sick of trying the "five pence" trick for my son every parade night
  11. Five pence crap?!

    I think they look smart, but I have a pet hate of second brassards!
  12. Sew the spare button onto the shoulder...
  13. Thanks all for your comments.

    Just got back from a parade night where I had to separate two of the little blighters (well 15 & 16) knocking seven shades of sh*t out of each other. Got them to kiss and make up only to discover that they continued their "discussion" outside the barrack gate (round the corner). Now I understand its settled.

    . . . don't think my PI flash made much difference tonight.

    ITC is booked for Feb!!