Discussion in 'ACF' started by northwest, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. I have been asked this Question and am a bit confused
    Do ACF PROS who do nothing other than pro work have do undergo the same training as other AIS in order to get a commision.
  2. PRO is not a rank, its an appointment, the rank does not come into, it can be an SSI or an Officer,

    the commissioning process is the as any other applicants.
  3. It depends on your county - some have spare slots and can afford to have a full-time PRO. many are double-hatted. They do have to undergo normal training if they want to progress in rank.

    At national level the ACF PR Unit is responsible for training county PROs and for quality control. The members are all professionally qualified communicators - in civilian life operating at a much higher level than the MoD and single service media ops staff - and the unit officers have no other duties within the ACF. In civillian life they are all employed in the communictions industry (as are some county PROs). They can be directly commissioned based on professional experience in a similar way as chaplains or doctors.

    If you are going for a county PR job I suggest you get on one of their courses pronto.
  4. As I understand it, as a County PRO, it is possible to be just a PRO and there is a commissioning route and so on which recognises professional qualifications but only as a PRO not a proper instructor. To be Commissioned as an @instructor' you have to pass Westbury (which also means doing AITC and Frimley Park).

    Word to the wise, though, I am in PR as a job and joined ACF to do some green stuff but have steadily got dragged more and more into the PR bit again.

    Think carefully if someone wants you to be a PRO. You will get sucked into taking pictures, interviewing and writing articles. Yes you get to go to lots of activities but typically you sit on the sidelines watching others have fun.

    It is an immensely important job, the ACF needs good PR and good marketing I just counsel thought befre acceptance.
  5. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    One agrees, there is always an asumption that you want to do your day job in your spare time!
    I normally hang back and offer timley advice as to content and sources, It is very easy to compromise your day job by being seen as the Voice of the RAF/army/navy/scouts!
  6. Not strictly correct. The commissioning route which recognises PR qualifications as an entry route is only for those joining the ACF PR Unit, a national organisation which is part of Cadets Branch at Land Command. Individual counties might waive Westbury for those over 35 but promotion would be restricted. There are a number of officers who are just PROs but do the relevant promotion courses at Frimley. Those with professional quals or experience can apply to join the PRU via the adjutant who is based at ACFA although it has a small establishment and vacancies are rare.