ACF Presentation evening ?

Hello again - I'm currently deciding whether to join the ACF as an instructor and have been invited to attend a presentation evening ( Essex - d company )
As I have no experience of the ACF would anyone be able to tell me about what this evening is all about ?
Thanks :?
Exactly what it says on the tin!

Turn up wearing your best burberry, and listen to what they have to say, it'll probably be something to do with the ethos of the ACF, what being an AI is all about, what that particular county has done in the last year etc etc.
It's likely to be the CEO or Commandant giving the 'Authorised' version of life as an AI. They will probably have a token tame SI and maybe some satisfied cadets who will give short presentations. You'll probably get to watch the recruiting DVD and there'll probably be some static displays.

What you won't get is a realistic view of what it's all about. It will be very sanitised and will be (as stated) the 'Authorised' version. To be brutally honest, you'll get a much more realistic picture from the people on here or

Don't get me wrong, I hope you find that we're an organisation that you'd like to join and that you have a long and happy association with the ACF (25 years in my case - so far), I'd just like you to have the correct information to make an informed decision.

Sometimes they will lay on a free nose bag, so it's worth stumbling along to have a look.

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