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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by vespa, Apr 1, 2004.

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  1. this thread is for any ACF relevent posting to help any ACF members on this forum or would be instructor to make themselves known and post advice as needed or ask for advice from others re military subjects, drill, MOI etc etc and about joining the ACF itself.

    one thing you should also be aware this thread is heavily moderated so any baiting or irrelevent posting will be deleted.
  2. Are ACF leaders rank the equal to TA ones?
  3. The ACF is a youth Service so
    is not a bad answer for the NCO ranks, as the NCO's are Civiliens who are employed by the MoD and only wear rank to give to give the organisation some Structure (All ACF NCO's have to have the letters ACF under there stripes to show that they are not reg. or TA. (it also shows that thay have been passed as safe to handle children).

    (That said an ACF Sgt will draw Sgt pay of £48 a day. and the other ranks will draw pay equivelent to there rank.)

    The Officers Hold a Class B TA Commision but as thay haven't done the commisioning course thay can only be promoted as far as Lt. after that it is all acting. eg Lt acting Capt. Lt acting Maj. Lt Acting Lt Col. and even Lt acting Col..

    SI ffw

    The Quote used here was made by MDN and was deleted. - UQ
  4. Good God....

    ... and I thought the OTC was bad........................................
  5. Without this looking like a jibe against the ACF etc...

    Matter of interest how current is the doctrine that you lot are teaching the kiddywinks?

    Just interested.
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Been away for a few days hence the late posting.

    The doctrine taught to the kiddywinkies is not remotely current for a few reasons.

    1) Infantry tactics are modiffied due to the need to remain behind a nominal firing point. The cadet GP rifle (SA80 single shot bolt action version) cannot be fitted with a BFA so nobody can go forward of a firing cadet. This precludes the classic fire and manoevre routine.

    2) All cadets must "make safe" before moving with a rifle (see BFA comment above)

    3) Cadets may only fire from the prone position (see BFA comment above)

    4) The LSWs have all been withdrawn as part of the LSW/minimi debacle so no automatic fire is available.

    We cannot show them how it is really done due to the make safe/BFA issues however, what we can do is provide them with a "taster" of things.

    Whilst it severely restricts the training realism anyone who has seen a blank round injury with a BFA would support the policy of avoiding the worse scenario of a fourteen year old getting a blank round injury with no BFA.

  7. Guess he wasnt joking :lol:

    What the F*ck ever happened to free speech 8O
  8. fcuking hitler mods, you deleted my post about getting this piece of crap going - was it a lie? no, before i asked a serious (honest) question nobody apart from tigger and vespa had posted. silly fuckwits, dont be ordering any custom mugs - i.e. i know who you are as it wont be talcum powder that falls out :evil:
  9. Was it the mods? seriuosly , I am no comp genius ..........could Vespa have deleted them ? or would it be the otc/acf mods only ?
  10. had to be the mods tigger, i wonder what vespsa offered them..... 8O

    but in all seriousness; is there really a place for cadets? maybe the ACF leaders i.e my mate is ex cheese and onion now an ACF leader, top bloke and would fit in here perfectly. But the actual cadets?????? (and some of the leaders?????)
  11. Haven't a load of posts gone missing from this board? WHat happened? I take it that the MOD nazis have been in and cleared up in the wee small hours?? :(
  12. In all seriousness, there is a place for the ACF, it is a great org, and when the right guys are running it the cadets really do benefit.

    I ran 27ctt for a year, awhile back, and had a great time, the adults I instructed were in general , genuinley interested ,willing to listen and learn , and pass it on to the cadets as intended ie TP's (lesson plans etc) not as "war stories and look at me how wonderfull I am".

    However when I tried to "weedle" out the undesireables, who in my opinion were not capable of being trusted with the kids( and I mean predominately safety wise in the field etc) I was told by the powers that be basicly "wind my neck in" So I became a little dissallusioned that we were allowing certain types to be in charge with these kids just to keep the numbers up. So I after a year of banging my head against the wall requested an RTU, which I got ,............. my replacement a well experienced SNCO from the QLR didnt fair much better.he only lasted 9 months before requesting his RTU.

    Summary, I think the ACF is a great org and should be given all the assistance possible......................I just think Vespa is a right dim tw*t who should be pulled through with a 120 bore brush and do something he is capable of trolley boy down the local supermarket.
  13. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Mod nazism is in full and happy swing on this thread and one other thread on the board. There are reasons for both which I'll explain to anyone that wishes via PM. This thread is the only current ACF thread on the OTC / ACF board and I'd like to see if any decent debate can be brought out through it.

    For future reference, if posts are needlessly off topic, personal vendettas or pointless digs at the ACF they may well be removed. As before the rules for the rest of the board remain as they always have.
  14. I meant on ARRSE
  15. :lol: ..... ok yes as long as they try and join in the spirit of things ...........not make it there own little play world .