ACF Nursing officers and Westbury


Simple question and possibly a daft one but here goes.

I was told today that I may not have to do Westbury if I join my ACF HQ as a nursing officer and join the medical team providing cover for HQ weekends and camps etc?

Is this true or not.

Lance jacked ,if you want to instruct do your courses, if you want to sit around on your arse drinking tea, smoking, being a cum resepticle and a general dogs body and being booooooooored rigid......take what you percieve to be a short cut..........the other thing, if you are a fresh out of the packet RN you may not have the skills or experience to deal with the potential bad things ie catasrophic haemmhorrage, status, post ictal asphyxia, adult periarrest conditions, can you cannulate, administer IV's, are you covered or have support backed by medical insurance and from an MD to prescribe and administer drug therapies, having qualifications does not automatically make you eligible to do med covers.......experience is the key.......... so before you leap into this very dangerous and obviously appealing post, and lofty elevated position because some tutor has told you that nurses are omnipitant and can do no wrong give it some thought and get some in!................

Many thanks for your reply, I shall inwardly digest some good points you have made,

I shall choose to ignore some of your comments which border on the frankly stupid, becuase for one, I do not know any RN apart fron advanced nurse prescribers who can prescibe drugs, aside from paracetomol. (which I doubt you could do with kids)

Possibly my use of the word medical cover was misleading, mabey, nurse cover is more appropiate.

And note I used the word team within my post, at what point did I suggest I would be an practitioner with the skills of a A&E registrar?

Get to know me and my postion (and any perceptions I may or may not have) before beating me up with your cynical stick of which you seem to enjoy swinging.
sorry mate went in a bit too hard and too early........any person so nominated by a doctor or dental practitioner can administer drugs....check out your cd act...........cmt's autonomously administer drugs and they are not advanced nurse fact I do and i'm long as you have the backing of a doctor ,in fact come to think of it first aiders can and do as long as it is given appropriately and with understanding and underpinning knowledge. In fact almost everyone can and does!! In a hospital setting things are different one enters the twilight zone where common sense disappears and policy and protocol take over!! And if you want to do effective med covers the skills of an A&E reg are really useful and not that difficult to pick up especially where primary care is involved. If you are ALS qualled you are expected to access,tube administrate and lead the team! the problem is that you have to do it hands on every day to be effective 'use it or lose it'.....that's why St. Johns really scare me....good trainers, poor practitioners.

Do you get my drift.

Again sorry mate have checked out your threads and it is I who on this occasion is a tube..(are?) I just feel that with your experience you would be better use to the firm teaching than making coffee and toast for the zobs.
i have just re read these threads and would like to add that I have been involved in one form or another with emergency and pre hospital care for over 20 years.......i have covered TV progs 24/7 for their duration of recording involving young adults, quite recently, and it is scary what I was dealing with and the conditions that presented medical, surgical and obstetric(and dental!!)......a laymans expectations of your abilities always outweighs your actual abilities so i have always tried to narrow that gap by being professional, up to date and appropriately skilled....I suppose I am proud of my skills and quals and worry that the firm might be taking the p1ss and looking for a cheap option with you....remember if the sh1t hits the fan and for any reason you are found wanting.that's your career down the shitter not theirs 'cos a court will look to apportion blame, and if you have set your self up for the fall just make sure you can deliver the goods.

Cadets do die in nasty circs...just ask staffs and north midlands boys......believe me the findings did not make good advice for what its worth....softly softly catchee monkey.......stay in the background and get it right when it is really'll feel better about it personally and professionally I promise........

fcuk me don't I go on!!!!

Your last two replies have changed my opinion of you :)

With regards to the administration of drugs, yes anyone can administer aproppiatly prescribed drugs but only a few may prescribe (RN's in their role as a bog standard nurse, may not, advanced nurse prescribers may now prescribe from the whole of the BNF ), with the exception of pre hospital emergency care, (note i am also married to a paramedic), and they obvioulsly wil administer carefully from a limited formulary and following set criteria after training.

I am not overly familiar with the roles of CMT (aside from the fact the army is alligning them with paramedics) so I am more than happy to tip my hat to your knowlegdge of the AMS and anything medical etc

Allow me to clarify my position with the ACF, their is already a team at my local ACF HQ consisting of MO and Nurses, I will be making my position clear that I would not and cannot be running around like some sort of flying Dr / Paramedic / CMT or St Johns etc, I have no intention of jepordising someones life or my profesional registration.

I will be expressing an interest in running Cas Sim on EX or HQ based first aid lessons etc when the kids are staying the weekends, I will find it difficult to parade at detachment level every single week, hence the offer to join the nursing team at HQ, and the commandant likes his nurses to be officers, this is why I asked my original question about Westbury.

I have been on this planet 32 years and served in the green stuff for over 1/3 of that, I have no intention of being treated like the bat boy in a public school, because if thats what they want or what they are expecting then me and my size 10 magnums will walk.

If my 1st post misled you I apoligise, and I now see the point your making, which is a very good and important one, once again I tip my hat to your experience and knowledge in these matters
I get your point.................but try to get on a Health and Safety at work 4 day course it aligns you with every one else and cuts down on back biting and all the political shit it's not that hard and it is about the same as your TA ATD's.

PS do you honestly want to wear that fukcin' awful grey beret.............................they'll all take the piss you know.....mercilessly!
Nurses even argue 'mongst em selves


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I don't know the answer to your question (so wtf am I postin?) but as nurses are now required to attend a board before commissioning I doubt if a nurse wanting to join the ACF would be exempt. Its not mentioned as one of the career paths that are exempt on anyof the Westbury websites or anywhere else that I have seen.

At risk of sounding cruel - trying to avoid the board makes me wonder if you are really officer material?

BTB didn't you ask about this some time ago, and get lots of helpful answers at that time?
I was going to suggest a board either TA or reg but 2 years post reg is minimum....................but that grey beret!!???
Thanks all for your constructive replys (and Zzzzzz's.....)

I am not trying to avoid the board, I am just asking for a point to be clarified, I was told at ACF I may not have to do it, but they were not sure, I thought there may have been a sage with the answer on here.

I have looked at the Westbury MOD website and yes TA QRANC have to do the board, however there is no mention of ACF nursing officers.... Only ACF officers

I have previously posted about being an AI, and I have started down that road, but this is my first post about being an Officer.

yeh.......................... but that really nasty beret??!!
There are no QRANC ACF officers, as there are no QRANC cadet detachments, you just get badged either to the detachment you parade at or if your ex Reg/TA and parade at HQ then your last cap badge, in my case Royal Signals, so no grey beret for me :)
Lance_Jacked said:
There are no QRANC ACF officers, as there are no QRANC cadet detachments, you just get badged either to the detachment you parade at or if your ex Reg/TA and parade at HQ then your last cap badge, in my case Royal Signals, so no grey beret for me :)
Unless you're signed on purely as a medical officer (rank of Captain), then you'll have either QARANC or RAMC - matter of choice I believe.
a nurse is not a medic, it is a large bone of contention, it is probably a matter of qualification not choice..........I hope...........although almost anything seems possible in the ACF..........if I just click my heels three times........................
I know this to be true (I'm married to a district nurse who is also an ACF Officer - nothing to do with the medical side though).

Our Medical Officer at Annual Camp is a retired Lt Col from the QARANC (TA) who is actually less qualified than my wife, but it seems to fulfill the legal requirements. :?
Just read this thread and thought I'd put my two pennies in. I am a nurse in the ACF, and an officer (although I completed the TA selection board for this).
I have been on courses as a nursing officer in the ACF, and the rules are quite sketchy. I am qualified to cannulate etc... but as nursing cover this is not neccessary. An ambulance has to be called for all emergencies, and emergency care limited to basic life support. I got to dish out plasters, hospital waiting room tickets, and basic St John stuff!
In my job I can give out drugs, but I can't give drugs to cadets... you don't know their allergies, or have their parents permission.
If you are still thinking of doing this check what you are insured to do, and be careful... remember it's your registration you're playing with!
Also, I would sit the bourd like everyone else- you will get respect, and if you are experienced you will pass easily. You may also enjoy the option of being able to teach subjects as well- I know I prefer that to doing nursing cover. (I keep it quiet now!)
you nurses are so hung up on what you can't do you very seldom do anything else but make excuses for not doing anything.

.............................and just a thought.........why don't nurses suffer from vaginal prolapses?

.....................because the vacuum in their head holds everything in!!

and cannulation a qualification??........part of expanded role and scope is it not.................and bear in mind if you are and you can and the need arises and you don't...........the big bad man will be asking some searching questions!!
Thanks for the replies

As a matter of fact I have the put ACF on the back burner for a few months, moving house soon etc.

Luce: Thanks for the reply, I had always intended to do Westbury, was just trying to get an answer to a question. As for my registration, I would always make sure that I have it written down what I can and cannot do……

Pobarg: There is a fine line between caring for someone and assault, unless you have a background in pre hospital care or A&E and happen to have fluids and IV drugs, why cannulate someone?
L J caring for someone is pink and fluffy and assault is punching them in the face.................I think that is about right but I am sure someone will put me on the correct tack with all that sh1t about reckless as to intent and medico legal ethical issues...........I do what I do because I am confident and very good at it and have all my boxes ticked in the right places....experience to back up courses..............we are part of an organisation that carries out activities that involve risk should we not therefore have someone available who has the wherewithall to react and deal with any consequences if it all goes tits up?? I think the answer is yes.............however that may be up for discussion!

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