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ACf near in or near widnes

Hello all,
Can any of you informed people tell me were the nearest cadet detachment is to Widnes.
Im thinking of nipping in and seeing if there is anything I can offer them.
Thanks in advance
Try here http://www.cheshirearmycadets.com/

I don't know many people from Cheshire ACF, Widnes is not a big town so it should be fairly easy to get around, as long as you avoid Runcorn Bridge during the rush hour !.

Location: TA Centre, Peelhouse Lane, Widnes, WA8 6TH

Parade Nights & Times

Monday & Thursday 1900-2130

Let us know how you get on and any questions fire away.
cheers mate,
its only round the corner from me so ill nip in on monday night and see what its all about.
i did consider ta but work commitments mean its a non start really plus i want to do more to help people who live locally to me and also do some outside stuff etc.
ill let you know how i get on
Also round the corner in Runcorn are two detachments, Halton (by the hospital) and Runcorn det. I used to instruct at Halton, its a good det with lots of facilities as is Widnes det.

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