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Discussion in 'ACF' started by papegojan, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Something I've been wondering about for some time. Many instructors wear mess kit of whichever unit they are badges to. Some wear the mess kit of whatever unit they served in as regulars or TA. However, it isn't unusual for people to change cap badges quite often when we switch to other detachments etc, so why isn't there a mess dress for the ACF? It would be more cost effective, and if people want to wear mess kit they wouldn't have to keep changing it. What does everyone think?
  2. Works for me. Sits well with my stable belt opinion!
  3. the usual convention is to keep the first Mess Kit you brought, especially if you are an Officer, also it would be expensive to keep changing your Service Dress, all you needed to do was change the button and collar dogs on your SD if you wanted to or keep the first set of buttons and Dogs.

    in my case I am not bothering with a Mess Kit until I am an Officer, til then it will be either My Highland Prince Charlie suit for special occasions or a simple suit Jacket with Regimental or ACF Tie.
  4. Apparently, and I am no authority on the subject, although, I have seen it on other threads, the Dress Commitee are in disscusions on a generic army wide Mess Dress, more money to pay out then.
  5. a generic ACF mess dress would be nice using the colour of the Acf Stable Belt would look nice, Blue jacket and Red facing with Gold Piping, with an ACF collar Dogs, I have no issues with that big question is cost, It would have to be affordable and will you use it often enough, it should NOT be compulsory, it must remain an optional wear.
  6. Generic everything, with maybe the odd splash of a individual cap badge for those moving in to that organisation, or those who have come from that area.
  7. What about ACF mess dress with parent unit accoutrements, that way we keep the same mess dress throughout our time with the ACF and only change collar dogs etc, keeps our ties with parent regiments as well as the ACF
  8. I would argue that unless you have served then you don't have a parent regiment.

    ACF with no military background should wear a generic ACF capbadge and belt.

    Those with a background can wear their historic unit (no change for almagamtions, etc. Well enforced changes anyway).

    The Kids should wear an ACF capbadge. Maybe some form of link to a unit who support them, ie a shoulder title.

    The ACF capbadges could be one big umbrella or regional or even town. CCFs could wear the school badge/or specific school related capbadge.

    These small differences to the Regs and TA, could make the ACF/CCF pill easier to swallow for the hippy types too. The ones who don't view the Cadets as anything other than a recruitment drive for the forces.

    Don't UOTCs have their own capbadges? Sponsored students excepted.
  9. I would draw the line at ACF capbadge, bit silly if that is the case, then where would unit affiliation come in ? why should an LI/IG/RE help units that has no obvious links to them.
  10. I would argue that there are few links in any case, if the kids are just wearing the capbadge. They aren't part of the unit, just affiliated.

    They could wear an acutriment of some sort, should title or similar. But they are still only ACF.
  11. Being a very girly girl (when not on exercise) I prefer wearing a nice pretty dress rahter than hot mess dress, that never looks good on women anyway.

    At the end of the day I'm a volunteer youth leader and would object to paying out a wad of cash for something that's worn once a year. It's peoples personal choice if they wear it or not.

    As to the cadets all being amalgamated under one cap badge - yes, I can see the reasons for it, but find that being affiliated to one regiment / corps instills a bit of unit pride, interest in their history etc and it would be very sad to see that go.
  12. There are links, some good , some goes beyond expectations and generates new recruits for them.

    Cadets do make up 30% of all recruits once they get to Phase 1 and after, they initially make up about 10% of the first intake then once you do the paper sift, Physicals, actual training a fair proportion do drop out so the percentage ratio goes up, they are more or less going into with their eyes open and most probably will go for a Cap badge they had good links with, if they didn't they may consider their original capbadge or a different one.
  13. There was correspondence on this matter in 'Soldier' magazine in - I think it was 2003, and opinions were solidly in favour of sentiments as expressed by the above quote.

    In fact the above quote is very close to my own contribution at that time, having started as a Cadet in the Hampshire Regiment in 1945, and gone on to other things, including the Australian army, and the British South Africa Police, but never losing my interest and pride in what was happening with what used to be the Hampshire Regiment
  14. I thought that there already was a generic ACF mess dress to be worn with regimental affiliation badges but I may be mistaken.
  15. So, you're not an Officer then? Why's that then?