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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Fiji_Bob, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Is it me or does the new look mag now take on the appearance of one of those vacuous in-flight rags or the gloss your local Ford Dealer hands out? :pissedoff:

    The trendy camera angles and arty type faces must look good on the Colonel's coffee table at CTC and also on the journo's CV, but do little for me. :sleepy:

    I keep turning the pages half expecting an article on driving the latest Daewoo through Tuscany or Jamie Oliver's latest recipe for bean quiche. :sleepy:

    I accept the need for a mag and some of the stories and news are welcome, but come on ! surely we can do better than this? :pissedoff:

    Why not use some of this colour ink to reprint diagrams/ pictures illustrating areas of the Training Manual more imaginatively, for units to use as posters or just to enthuse the cadets/ aid their training? 8)

    Why not have in depth look at training specific subjects along the lines of the old combat and survival mags, such as pictures illustrating section formations, turnout or even (standing by for the ridicule) what new cadets could pack for ex/weekend? 8)

    All this has to be better than another story about how Jodie Marsh was a cadet or what to buy from your local millets or some puff piece by someone after an OBE :tp:

    God forbid some cadets might actually read it then and it could be a useful aid to detachments? Or is it all just a PR exercise by the great and good?

    Oh and yes i have sent my reply to the reader poll.....all the good it will do :pissedoff:
  2. I thought it looked OK , its the signs of the times, the mag would need to reflect current trends to reman readable, good points re visual information on section battle drills, basha set up, patrol harbours, ration packs menus I think they are actually good ideas, if more Cadets and Adults submit them to the Editor , it can become reality, the News section, feel good stories, local heroes are good and useful part of the whole PR excercise which is what the Mag is about as well helping Cadets and Adult be aware there are other counties out there, too many don't think beyond their company or county.
  3. Fair point semper...

    I think the news,CTC stuff is OK ,but this needs to be balanced and perhaps the mag is not the best place for PR?

    I would think the mag should not try so hard to be trendy over content.

    How much of what is in it actually helps or is relevant at unit level?
  4. I get 2 magazines delivered every month, tha cadet force one and the soldier magazine.
    the cadet force mag doesnt even get looked at by the cadets.
  5. It seems to me that the publication has lost its way. It's visually good but as previously said - too much like an in-flight mag (just a copy of camoflauge club Army magazine - in fact too similar, but that might be the publishers intention!)

    My own straw poll tells me that cadets are looking at the pictures but not reading it. It also needs direction - is it still an ACFA members magazine or is it for cadets?
  6. I would like to see the same level of visual quality in our manuals as we see in the ACF mag,
  7. off the train of thought slightly here, but...

    Who puts together the ACF magazine- being a newbie, i've yet to see one? I've been asked to submit an article i wrote about a cadet in my det.
    Was just wondering where the magic happens.
  8. The ACF magazine is put together by the ACFA I beleive, but if you are in the Yorkshire Area you could be submitting it to the Yorkshire Cadet Review, which is put together by the HSYACF commandant.