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Discussion in 'ACF' started by island_boy, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. Copy of an email i recieved today, just want to distribute it as widely as possible

    To: All ACF Counties

    I’d be grateful if you could distribute this email as widely as possible amongst your adult volunteers.

    Dear all,

    Does Army Cadet magazine matter to you?

    When we refreshed Army Cadet magazine this summer, we also set up a readership survey to find out how people feel about the new-look magazine. While some have completed the survey, the majority have not.

    At this point in time, there is no guarantee that we will have any funding for the magazine after April 2010, so there’s a real danger that the next issue, which comes out at the end of January, will be the very last one. If you think that would be a bad thing, then please go online now the complete the survey. It is at

    We are making serious efforts to secure the magazine’s funding, and it would really help us if we could show that it was something of real importance to ACF adults, and that hundreds of them had taken the time to share their views with us through the readership survey. It comprises just 12 questions and should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. As well as the chance of winning £200 of Cadet Kit Shop vouchers, they might help us secure the future of the magazine.

    Here’s that link again:

    Many thanks.


    Melanie Bowran

    Head of Marketing & Communications

    Army Cadet Force Association

    Holderness House, 51-61 Clifton Street, London, EC2A 4DW

    Tel 020 7426 8373 Fax 020 7426 8378 Mobile 07795 296838 Email Visit
  2. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm sure you would have had more responses, had the magazine been distributed bt the county HQ's.

    The only time they are received by instructors is if someone goes to collect them. The usual excuse of budget restraints is the reason given for not posting them to detachments, yet i get 3 or 4 envelopes a day with single sheets of paper in them. But that is a deviation from the point.

    Perhaps if you made your publication an online one it could reach more of its intended market, instead of collecting dust in a mess somewhere.

  3. sorry, you may have misunderstood, its not my magazine, its a copy of the email that i recieved reference the magazine,

    ps my county posts them out!
  4. ACF mag was online. The link is now defunct. (it was the publishers link IIRC)
  5. Well pointed out.

    I've never been given my copy of the magazine, except when I've had far more important things to do. So I've slung it on my desk and got with life... then found it at the bottom of a pile of stuff 2 months later when clearing out!
  6. Sometimes I'm not sure who this mag is aimed at. Is it for the adults or the cadets?. Or is it for those outside the org as PR material. Or is it for all three? I think this confuses us and so we don't take it all that seriously and tend to hold it at arms length.

    The production values are high though, and I think articles in are very well written. Its certainly better than Air Cadet News, which is mostly adverts for cadet direct or embroidery companies!
  7. I think it should have more stuff about CCFs and about different courses the kids and AIs can go on
  8. I think this a very relevant question!

    As a Det Cdr back 70/80's, I would flip throught to see if there was anything if anything we had done there to be seen, and got back to the four nights a week and most weekends routine! With a bit more Company responsibility I did the same. I think the problem then and today actually using the "Journal" (true of any monthly publication), was of immediacy. It would necessarily be at least a couple of months if we put anything in, to see it in print.

    Where activities met the public, as with Geoff Bennett's Area Signals Team (Geoff sadly long deceased), which marshalled a National Horse Trials; our fundraising for a local inshore rescue; the local Anzac Day Parade in Brockenhurst; or where we took on base-camp function for Oxfam's New Forest Java Trail (quite large sponsored walks), we got immediate local press and radio interest, good for public recognition, good for skills and a boost for cadets..

    Local Counties down to Detachments are now certainly using the internet in many ways from full tailoring of their admin needs, down to local detachment "fun" posting on You-Tube.

    It is hard then, to see how relevant the magazine can be to all but a small proportion of cadets.

    For ACF Officers and AI's I suspect a lot of the draw is catching up with names they may recognise from courses they have done, inter-county news, and of course the direct interest of any ACF National events such as shooting, courses and sports.

    I suspect The Cadet Magazine recognised this immediacy interest, by going on-line, but I think if they are to be successful in maintaining the venture, they perhaps need to look to their marketing by having a real on-line resource, upon which they could publish much more information relevant to local levels. I suspect it shoud he "hits" theyshould be aiming at, rather than "copies".

    My personal view is that as a reader I always preferred to see stuff about cadets achieving things, as opposed to the (no doubt necessary and appreciated), senior officer reviews, dinners, dances, ACFA etc.

    I think if they went on-line completely, they could provide a very relevant modern national resource to fulfil all the purposes in walt_of_the_walt's post.

    I suspect otherwise they may hold an honoured place in history.
  9. How many copies of the Mother Care catalogue does one AI need?